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2Face And Faze Reunite & Perform Live On Stage In Abuja

Adekola Sheu

Last updated on October 17, 2019

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2face and Faze were both members of Plantashun Boiz music group before they broke up and went solo.

Plantashun Boiz was a Nigerian hip hop group, it was founded in the late 1990 and it consists of 3 members; 2face, Blackface and Faze.

The 3 made very beautiful music together before they decided to go their separate ways.

Nevertheless, 2face went on to become the most successful of the 3.

However the duo linked up at a concert in Abuja and created an electrifying moment.

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  1. This is nice,and we are happy to hear this. Dispute is not a good thing among fellow since you have know each other before and you are wine and dine together in the same plate. Why separation? May God bless your union.amen


    Nice to hear this from you. Please whatever that may cause mayhem among you again after your Reunion irrespective of whatever its kindly settle it amicably. Don’t allow third party to enter your union again. Good bless your union.

    • Is a good privilege to hear that, All what i wish right now is that, I want their relationship and friendship can come back to before.

  3. This is a good news after moments of feuds they are back as one. I believe they must have put their short comings aside and move on to greater height together

  4. Wow this is nice ,I really like the unity between them but ,just wish some other musicians can do the same and stop fighting each other on social media and running from one place to another.

  5. Adesida Adeyemi

    This is wowing and amazing what a great re union after so many years of performing together when they were still plantation boys 2face,black face and faze alone how wish they all can come together back again for collaboration

  6. That is so interesting, after many years crashing and broken they reunite again to sing amazing song together that very good and nice of them. I wish them not departing again but rather togetherness like before. that is good and nice update

  7. Wow this is great once a family always a family, they’ve broken up a long time ago but they still have that togetherness in them

  8. Franca Emeruom

    This news impressed me so much. The trio were the first Nigerian guys that made my life thinker thinker Lin. I will be more happier if the trio come back again.

  9. Muyiwa Olalekan

    I know there these guys are seeing that they are know longer getting younger again. That is a sign of maturity

  10. Wow so amazing to here, after so many years of breaking up, as usually say, divided we fall and united we stand, kudus to you guys, am so happy to heard that great and wonderful news.

  11. 2 face is indeed a great and talented musician I love him and I pray more grace to his music life and in all other part of his life


    The way people are re-uniting these days it’s like people are already realising their fault and want to solve their problems

  13. I Love That, That Is What They Sopose To Be Doing Both Devul Desided To Seperate The, And I Pray So That God Will Bring Them Together

  14. One thing i know is that if a single broom is alone is can be broken but when they are united they are very strong

  15. Josephat Uchechukwu

    Interesting! I can not wait to seeing them doing colabor again. Where is blackface? I hope he is aware of this. We need the trio again please.

  16. May Jesukolade Jeremiah

    All these artist should just try as much as possible to maintain their lane and stop jumping around like something else

  17. I so much love 2face idibia because he’s very simple and understanding,very easy going person that don’t want trouble or violence,he easily forget because he father them all in the industry

  18. Comment:wow, interesting
    this news really impressed me, I hope that all other of our celebrity can do the same and stop fighting themselves on social media

  19. 2face am happy for you two this type of thing usually happens but all we need is to be patient, am very happy

  20. Im still wondering what those mumu PSquare are waiting for …they dey there turn themselves to upcoming artists when they suppose dey live their legend life go.

  21. Comment:good one bcuz that’s what God wants, God want unity and not separation, am happy for this his two musicians because they are wise unlike some other musicians that are still fighting themselves

  22. Good, it is not good for friends to fight, it is good that they reunite and settle their dispute may God help them.

  23. Lynx Williams

    2Face and Faze. 2baba said it already, one love is the way. No matter what, love will always prevail. I love what they are doing and I hope their new found love cum friendship lasts long

  24. This bonding by the two is a great a thing we have being expecting since from the two I hope the way they unite today won’t fall apart

  25. Doing things together is very very good, and it improving their organization, please am using this my opportunity to please you to back to your friend ship please.

    • Jethro Da'ar

      Like performing things together is very very good, and it improving their organization, please am using this my opportunity to please you to back to your friend ship…

  26. Jethro Da'ar

    Wow, that is great news oh, I wish they’d do a collaboration, can’t wait to hear Faze voice in a record again

  27. Is a great thing for the two to come together and perfume we love them it will be wonderful for them to resolve their differences.

  28. Nice one, we look forward to having you guys back together and the likes of infinity among others. Great to hear you sing together after a long time

  29. This is nice. We must all learn to live together as one instead of fighting one another we should fight with one another.


    This is a good idea lovely.may God continue to bless both of you and your family.try to continue your good relationship.

  31. Awokunle Gideon oluwaferanmi

    it was founded in the late 1990 and it consists of 3 members; 2face, Blackface and Faze. So late and long

  32. Wow, very nice I’ve waiting to hear is for a long time. I wish p square will do the same thing.. I miss those voice and dance steps o the stage. Hope they end the fight and come back k as one again. The fans miss them, I personally miss them. Come back, peter and Paul okoye

  33. Agbolade Abdullah

    In fact those two celebrity are one of the greatest musicians in the music industries…. However that they are still old enough they still bring out another hit jams

  34. Afolabi Sulton

    This is nice , let love lead, no unnecessary hating, that’s the only way to grow the music industry. I hope psquare reconcile too

  35. Whoa. I didn’t know Faze was part of Plantashun Boys.
    2face has definitely made a name for himself.
    Good luck to both of them.

  36. 2face is a nice guy so seeing one if his friend that they both dine and wine together before can’t just over look Faze even tho dey have some inner fighting.

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