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    1. Chukwuebuka Ohagwu says:


  1. Obaro Uwuseba says:

    Love this movie and the script writer is very intelligent

  2. Michael John says:

    Wow hard movie so far so interesting

  3. Emmanuel Nwakpuda says:

    Wow, 😲 this movie will make something good

  4. femi moses says:

    I even recommend this movie to a friend of mine.

  5. Oke Uwuseba says:

    NIce film. Go get your now.

  6. Princely Richmond says:

    Can’t wait to watch it

  7. Oyeyemi pelumi says:

    Nice movies it very interesting 🎥

  8. Jonathan Sabastine says:

    Awesome movie I love it
    Nice one melody blog

  9. Idris Ibrahim says:

    Full of action

  10. Ubong Tommy says:

    So lovely and cool

  11. Emmanuel Isaac says:

    A dark foe 2021
    Thanks to Melody blog🤩

  12. Wisdom Jeremiah says:

    Dark enemy’ indeed. Very action filled movie

  13. zainab Mabinuola says:

    🙌🙌 a nice movie

  14. Mfon Effiong says:

    This the type of action movie I love

  15. Idris Ibrahim says:

    Very interesting

  16. Olawoye Olaitan says:

    Dark mind for real

  17. Henry Ifeanyi Oriaku says:

    Nice one guys!

  18. Nsikan Umoren says:

    I am seriously going to watch it, it will be nice

  19. Jamiu Kamaldeen says:

    Yeah, a movie which I will like to watch

  20. Henry Emu says:

    This movie is going to b awesome, i most say this from d look,am going to get it and watch,tanks guys.

  21. Joseph Ochijenu says:

    I learnt a lot from this movie that your enemy can never be greater you

  22. Junior Iyke says:

    ONE of my favorite movie

  23. Cyril Obazee says:

    Dark , interesting movie

  24. Faruk Afolayan says:

    Please let download this flim

  25. Kehinde Oni says:

    Interesting to be watched, never watched anyways

  26. Ugochukwu Godstime says:

    This movie has made my day oooooooo

  27. iheanyichukwu Ibuchim says:

    Really learnt a lot from This Movie

  28. buga Binta says:

    This movie is moving me ooooo

  29. Nkiru Pepertua says:

    This is a great and interesting movie try and watch

  30. Ofonime Dennis says:

    Great and lovely thanks for update

  31. Yoma Rejioce says:

    The updates wont stop coming in

    1. Nosa Davidson says:

      Some memories don’t only haunt us but they find us.. Simply spot on movie

  32. Precious Nelson says:

    The Most Scary Movies I’ve Ever Watched So Far

  33. This movie is great ooooo

  34. Muhammad Abdulganiy says:

    Thanks for your time and consideration

  35. Chimezie Prince will says:

    I love this movie
    Very well

  36. Cyril Obazee says:

    Nice movie interesting to watch

  37. Muhammad Abdulganiy says:

    Thanks again for your update

  38. Stanley Okoye says:

    Educative and full of action

  39. Michael Clue says:

    This 8s the kind of movie, I love watching..

  40. Musbahu Bello says:

    Nice story I like it ever,is good story

  41. A dark foe movie to watch

  42. Rachael Bassey says:

    Dark for, I have been looking for this movie

  43. Obio Obio Andy says:

    God finally I found the loml

  44. Divine Ayibam says:

    Making enough sense I get it

  45. Ayeni Samuel says:

    Great and lovely movie to watch

  46. Boniface Francis says:

    I really like this particular one

  47. Boniface Francis says:

    This is really good, I like it

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