Aba cannot collapse under our watch – Gov. Otti

Abia State Governor, Alex Otti has expressed his administration’s determination to develop and transform Aba into a thriving commercial city.

Otti made this known on Tuesday during a town hall meeting in Aba organised by the State Government for the people of Abia South Senatorial District as part of the activities marking his first anniversary in office.

The governor said that in the past 12 months, his administration had made concerted efforts to ensure that the glory of Aba as a commercial hub was restored.

He said that years of poor leadership by past administrations had thrown Aba into a state of under development and stagnation.

He said: “We said our Aba cannot collapse under our watch.

“I have said it time and time without number that one of the reasons I offered myself and made the sacrifice to come and run for governorship was because of Aba.

“At the time, ten years ago, when I resigned my role in the banking industry, for someone that was presiding over a thriving bank to resign and come into the uncertain territory of politics to come and fight.

“One of the reasons I took that decision was because of Aba.”

Otti said that he was born and bred in Aba, and therefore felt the need to give back to the society by ensuring that the commercial city would record massive socioeconomic growth.

He described Aba as a town respected because of the numerous opportunities that abound for people that had nothing and aspired to make it in their ventures.

“All you need to succeed in Aba is hard work, sincerity and energy, God-given skills and then we sat and watched several decades later while Aba disappeared.

“Now we are saying that we must bring Aba back.

“All what you see today is a dress rehearsal, we are just starting.

“We have a lot of programmes and we are rolling them out one after the other, by the time we are done you will not recognise it again,” Otti said.

He commended the Transition Committee (TC) Chairmen in the zone for presenting their scorecards, which showed that they had done well.

He said that he had taken note of the demands made by some of the chairmen and promised to take appropriate action to address them.

Otti urged the people of Abia to feel free to share any progressive ideas they had with the government to facilitate the delivery of democracy dividend in the state.

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