Amaewhule-led Assembly Sits, Passes Bill To Return School To Government

Court Nullifies Order Barring Amaewhuele, 24 Others From Parading As Lawmakers

The Rivers State House of Assembly, led by Speaker Martins Amaewhule, convened on Tuesday, July 9, to deliberate and pass a crucial amendment to the Rivers State Education (Return of Schools) Law No. 1 of 2005.

This amendment focuses on the reacquisition of Kalabari Girls High School, Buguma, transferring control from a church back to the state government.

During the session, the lawmakers discussed the report from the House Committee on Education, expressing unanimous support for the bill.

The legislative members emphasized the importance of state management for the school to enhance its capabilities to serve the educational needs of girls in the Asari Toru Local Government Area and its surroundings.

Speaker Amaewhule lauded the efforts of Tekenari Granville, the sponsor of the bill, praising the bill’s objectives as commendable and necessary for community development.

Amaewhule highlighted that the school was mistakenly given to a church entity, and reclaiming it would align with the state’s educational objectives.

Following thorough deliberations, the assembly transitioned into a Committee of the Whole for closer scrutiny of the bill’s clauses before returning to plenary, where the bill was officially passed.

The debate underscored the belief that government oversight would ensure better management and resources for the school.