Anambra Govt To Shut Down Fuel Stations Over Price, Meter Adjustments

Anambra Govt To Shut Down Fuel Stations Over Price, Meter Adjustments

The Anambra State government has warned petroleum product marketers against escalating product prices, product adulteration, and meter tampering, threatening them with severe consequences if they continue to engage in such activities.

The state Ministry of Petroleum received numerous complaints stating that petroleum marketers were involved in fraudulent activities such as tampering with meters, adulterating fuel, and engaging in shady deals.

The state’s commissioner for petroleum and mineral resources, Anthony Ifeanya, stated that the government will begin strict monitoring of all gas stations throughout the state.

He confirmed over the weekend in Awka, the state capital, that the ministry had finalised preparations for the measure.

Melody news gathered that some petrol stations in the state sell petrol between N850 and N970 using adjusted pumps, while others are adulterating fuel for profit.

However, Ifeanya said the state government was conducting an exercise to apprehend any filling station operators who had tampered with their meters.

The commissioner warned that those who commit such acts should stop immediately or face severe legal consequences.

On Sunday, May 12, it was observed that most of the filling stations were not dispensing fuel, and those selling had long queues of motorists and other users.

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