Angela Okorie opens up on reason for her constant attack on Zubby Michael

Angela Okorie opens up on reason for her constant attack on Zubby Michael

Actress Angela Okorie has finally spoken up about her feud with her former close buddy turned opponent, Zubby Michael.

According to Angela Okorie, Zubby caused her so much pain which made her publicly attack him.

Angela Okorie has been relentless in her attacks on Zubby Michael in recent days, accusing him of everything from money rituals to the delayed homage to their late colleague Junior Pope, and even insulting his attire for Pope’s funeral.

In a live video chat, Angela Okorie was probed on the specific behaviors of Zubby Michael that sparked her violent fury.

Actress Angela Okorie

She was forced to expose the facts of what he did, which caused her to publicly unleash a tempest of wrath and curse him out.

In reaction, Angela Okorie stated that Zubby Michael had frequently mistreated her. She mentioned times when Zubby allegedly bullied her in the comments section of her social media posts.

According to the actress, the incident that hit the hardest was when Zubby allegedly humiliated her in front of their colleagues at his birthday celebration.

Angela detailed the incident in dramatic detail, recalling how he openly insulted her, making her embarrassed.

According to her, Zubby apologized, but she informed him it was too late. Angela stated that she made it plain to Zubby that his apology would not remove the sting of that public shame.



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