1. Any one using the term duck are clearly sheep who can’t think for them self

  2. he's got it all…heavyweight titles, family, cute jewish wife….long live the king.

  3. for those that don't know, she was with him when he was dirt poor and wanted to end his existence, she a real one.

  4. They really are squeezing every last drop of sympathy with this bipolar Narrative 😂 If only his ego loved a challenge as much as he loves attention, im surprised Netflix was able to cut a deal with his indecisive self

  5. This clown wants to be a TV personality instead of a fighter. That's why he's ducking Usyk. Dosser.

  6. No one cares luke, you ruined your legacy

  7. They only want money these gypsy's. Get this family out of TV.

  8. Who cares about this. The guy ain’t fighting and we couldn’t care less about his personal life.

  9. I getting Netflix just to watch At Home With the Furys

  10. He trying to win his fans back with this one. Nothing will change the fact Tyson is a DUCK🦆

  11. if he doesnt fight Usyk, I couldnt care less about this marketing shit

  12. Greedy belly a disgrace. Lost his fans faster than Brian garcia and Israel combined

  13. When i thought " at home with the furys " i literally thought the show would be about living with furries

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