Atiku, El-Rufai, Kwankwaso won’t agree to contest 2027 presidency with Peter Obi – Omokri

Atiku, El-Rufai, Kwankwaso won’t agree to contest 2027 presidency with Peter Obi – Omokri

According to Omokri: “Have you forgotten about Deborah
Samuel? Of course not. The memory is still fresh in your mind, primarily
because you are a Christian and you empathise with her, seeing as she was
killed by a core Northern Muslim mob on charges of blasphemy.


“Now, perform this emotional intelligence exercise. If you
cannot and will not forget Deborah Samuel, how do you think any Muslim,
Northern or Southern, is going to forget a man who was caught on tape plotting
religious war against you? How?


“The North Remembers is not just an episode from the
television series, Game of Thrones. It is an actual way of life of Northern
Nigeria. They have the memory of an elephant.


“They read al-Quran, which warns them about such people, who
are referred to as Munafiq. You know how sensitive religion is in Nigeria. And
then you think the Muslim Ummah will forgive and forget Peter Obi’s words?
Peter Obi will be 63 in six weeks. People don’t change when they are that old.


“Especially when Peter Obi has never owned up to the tape
and apologised. Instead, when asked three times by Charles Aniagolu if that was
him on the tape, Obi dodged the question.


“And then you combine his Yes Daddy tape with his jumping
from one church to the other, shouting, ‘Church, take back your country,’ and
you think Muslims are that naive as to forgive such a man?


“As for South-South votes, Obi will not get them in 2027 or
be able to influence their direction. As long as Tinubu delivers the
Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway, or at least comes very close to completion.


“Yes, people will agree to meet with him out of courtesy.
Some will do so to explore if they can get him to give them his bloc vote. But
no Northerner of standing in his right mind will run with Obi. Not Waziri
Atiku, Rabiu Kwankwaso, or Nasir-El-Rufai.


“For Arewa, you can touch the North and be forgiven. But you
cannot touch Islam and be forgiven.”


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