AWS will now let you build business apps with just a single AI prompt

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the launch of AWS App Studio, a new tool that promises to revolutionize enterprise software development with a handy AI boost.

With AWS App Studio, enterprise users will be able to generate entire applications with simple written prompts.

The tool, designed for technical professionals, addresses some of the socioeconomic concerns surrounding today’s workforce, particularly poor productivity and a worldwide talent shortage.

AWS App Studio will build an enterprise app for you

Highlighting the tool’s ability to take care of the development process with user-friendly prompts, AWS VP of Applications Dilip Kumar said: “It has never been easier for technical professionals to build custom applications tailored to the unique needs of their business, ushering in a new world of productivity for businesses of all sizes.”

By leveraging natural language, users can describe their desired application, the tasks it should perform, and the data sources it should integrate. App Studio’s result takes a few minutes to create what would otherwise have taken a number of days.

Although App Studio doesn’t promise to deliver a finished and polished result, the immense time-saving benefits can help enterprises refine their applications, rather than spend time on laborious and administrative workloads involved with development.

Compared with other low-code app builders, App Studio users can refine their application’s requirements through interactive prompts with GenAI, which Amazon says reduces the learning curve and thus the deployment of the tool.

Early adopters claimed reduced human errors, boosted efficiency and greater focus on innovation as some of the key benefits of the tool, which entered preview in US West (Oregon) yesterday.

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