1. I hope people appreciate this in time this movie is so special and important

  2. For the first scene shown, I’m not a 100% sure but for the camera «joke» 2708 is for photography and 2709 is for cinematography. For the second sequence you would think that by the end of the 1920s movie were shot with a script… so I have a doubt about Lady Fay Zhu improvising title cards in the editing room. At the end, even though there is stress and tension, the film crew is able to put the shot in the camera and there is a big round of applause, is there a term for this type of sequence? (An applause sequence? We see that often in american cinema).

  3. Honestly, this movie was better than Avatar 2

  4. Might not be actual first 8 mins of the picture, but it’s the most interesting and engaging scene of all the movie.
    Babylon- “Pure celebration of making movies🎉”.

  5. This movie is a prime example why box office numbers and critic reviews mean absolutely nothing! Loved this film start to finish in a damn near dead theatre.

  6. This scene ALONE should have secured Margot Robbie an Oscar nomination💯

  7. giving elvis best picture nominee over babylon is such a crime from the academy

  8. One of my favorite movie scenes of all time.

  9. This isn't even the first half hour! Now the real first 8 minutes was insanity!

  10. 1. the wrong timing
    2. looking like a prequel to "Once upon a Time…in Hollywood," but film reminding me of "TGIF" due to the party scene: plot leaving me somewhat dissatisfied with unnecessarily long running time; Diego Calva's Mexican character too underwhelming in the 1st half

  11. Do you guys know what "opening scene" mean? Wait… do you know what "opening" means?

  12. Lmao this was not a movie … it was an experience!!!!

  13. I am not sure on what planet is this the opening scene, since it is at least around 30 minutes into the movie…

  14. Amazing movie. If you have the chance, watch it in a cinema, unique experience.

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