Bandits Demand ₦300 Million To Free Kaduna Judge, Kill Eldest Son

Bandits Demand ₦300 Million To Free Kaduna Judge, Kill Eldest Son

In a harrowing incident in Kaduna, gunmen abducted Janet Galadima-Gimba, a customary court judge, and her four sons from their residence in the Mahuta area on June 23.

Tragically, the ordeal escalated when the abductors killed her 14-year-old son, Victor Gimba after a ransom demand was not met.

According to The Cable, the abduction occurred late at night when the judge’s husband, a medical doctor, was away on duty. Reports indicate that up to 15 armed men stormed their home, taking the judge and her sons hostage.

The kidnappers subsequently demanded a ransom of N300 million, threatening lethal actions if their demands were delayed.

On Tuesday, July 2, 2024, the situation took a grim turn. “The terrorists shot dead Victor Gimba, the first child of the judge, when the ransom demanded could not be obtained,” stated Gloria Ballason, CEO of the House of Justice, who has been vocal about the incident.

In response to these tragic events, Ballason has called for immediate action from the government, the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), and security agencies to ensure the swift rescue of the abducted judge and her remaining sons.

She highlighted the obligation of the Nigerian state under the 1999 Constitution to guarantee the safety of its citizens, particularly judicial officers who require enhanced security to perform their duties without fear.

The spokesperson for the Kaduna State Police Command, Mansir Hassan, confirmed the abduction and the subsequent killing of the judge’s son.

“Yes, we are trying our best to rescue the victims, and for the boy who was killed, an investigation has since commenced,” Hassan stated, assuring that efforts are underway to safely recover the judge and her children.