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Batman: Death In The Family Full Movie

This Batman film is a 2020 United States of American Action movie written and directed by Brandon Vietti. This film features the following stars; Gary Cole, Bruce Greenwood, John DiMaggio.

In this very first interactive animated DC movie, you get to decide the direction Jason Todd’s fate.

Batman: Death In The Family Full Movie

Batman relieves Jason Todd of his duties as Robin due to his impulsive nature. Enraged, Jason storms off. On his own, he learns that Catherine Todd is not his biological mother and sets off to find his real mother, eventually tracking her to the Middle East.

Meanwhile, the Joker escapes from Arkham Asylum, and Batman learns that he has obtained a nuclear weapon and plans to sell it to terrorists in war-torn Lebanon.

Batman follows the Joker to Lebanon, where he and Jason are reunited and foil the attempts of the terrorists using the Joker’s weapon. After interrogating Lady Shiva, who Jason suspected of being his mother, the duo travel to Ethiopia.

There, they meet aid worker Sheila Haywood, who proves herself to be Jason’s mother. The Joker discovers that Haywood had previously performed illegal operations on teenagers in Gotham City and has been blacklisted as a medical practitioner.

The Joker uses this information to blackmail her into giving him the medical supplies her agency has stockpiled in a nearby warehouse.

He sells them on the black market and stocks the warehouse with Joker venom which, once set off, will kill thousands of people. Haywood herself had been embezzling from the aid agency and hands Jason over to the Joker.

Batman: Death In The Family Cast

  • Gary Cole
  • Bruce Greenwood
  • John DiMaggio
  • Vincent Martella
  • Zehra Fazal
  • Mihai Tuca

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