Bayo Onanuga accuses Peter Obi of ‘inflaming religious, ethnic passion’ for political ambition

Bayo Onanuga, special adviser on information and strategy to
the president, has accused Peter Obi of inflaming “religious and ethnic” issues
to push his political ambition.


Speaking when he appeared on ‘Mic On podcast’, a programme
hosted by Seun Okinbaloye, a journalist with Channels Television, Onanuga said
any political campaign based on religious and ethnic passion is dangerous to
the country’s democracy.


Onanuga also added that the supporters of Obi, presidential
candidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 election, are desperate to see the
downfall of the President Bola Tinubu’s administration.


“What I know about the campaign of Obi was that for the
first time in a very long while in our country, we had a candidate who was
inflaming ethnic passions. That was the way the election went at that time. He
was inflaming ethnic passions, religious passions, bringing two dangerous
things to our politics – ethnicity and religion. That is what he did. And those
things were dangerous to our Nigerian politics,” Onanuga said.


“Of course, it is very clear unless people are not
acceptive. Up till now, some are still writing that Bola Tinubu stole the
presidency, and some people are saying that the man who came third actually won
the election, and they are very unapologetic about that.


“How could somebody who came third how could he have won
that election?


“You can even see when they were talking about the naira,
some people were just happy that the naira was going downhill. You can trace
them. People who are saying so are members of the Obidient movement.”

When asked if he believed the Obidient movement wanted the
Tinubu government to fail, Onanuga said, “Of course, it is clear.”


The presidential aide also said Obi never commends the
government when it does something good but very quick to tweet when it was
about something bad.


“Even Peter Obi himself, read his tweets, when the
government has done something good, he will never comment about it. But when it
is bad news, quickly, he will tweet, so you can see a deliberate attempt to
denigrate this government, to paint it black all the time that he (Tinubu) is
not doing well, he is a failure and I’ve said it is so early to even say so,”
he added.