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Beit Trust Masters and PhD Scholarships 2020 for African Students Team

Last updated on October 28, 2019

The Beit Trust is offering a number of Postgraduate scholarships for research and studies abroad to scholars from Malawi, Zimbabwe, Nigerian and Zambia.

The Beit Trust offers annually a number of Postgraduate Masters or PhD Scholarships abroad for  studies or research to graduates who are domiciled in (the beneficial area).

The next round of Beit Scholarships will be awarded for the academic year beginning September 2020 for universities in the UK; and January 2021 for universities in South Africa. Scholarships for the academic year beginning September 2019 (UK) and January 2020 (SA) have already been awarded.

  • Application Deadline: Varies within universities. The absolute deadline for applications to reach the Trust is 12th February 2020.
  • Offered annually? Yes
  • Eligible Countries: Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria or Zimbabwe
  • To be taken at (country): United Kingdom or South Africa
  • Eligible Field of Study: A subject of the individual’s choice appropriate to the needs of the beneficial area
  • Type: Masters, PhD Scholarships


  • Only nationals of Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi, who are also resident in and intend to return to those countries, are eligible to apply;
  • Applications should be for a one-year taught Master’s Degree (to UK universities); and a two-year taught Master’s in South Africa;
  • Applications should be made directly to the partner universities listed above, and only to those universities, via their websites and in the period beginning September 2019 (although some application windows do not open until October. Their websites will guide you);
  • As long as the courses to be pursued are available, you may apply to more than one partner university at a time. Indeed, we recommend you do so, to increase your chances of acceptance, and to broaden the scholarship opportunities available;
  • Once you have a conditional acceptance or an offer from your chosen partner university, you should apply as early as possible to The Beit Trust for a scholarship, using this linked application form.

Selection Criteria:

  • Prospective applicants must hold at least a degree of class 2.1, i.e. Merit or Distinction.
  • Only those applicants who state that they intend to return to work in the relevant country upon completion of the scholarship, and who can, if short-listed, present themselves for interview before a Beit Postgraduate Scholarship Selection Board in Harare, Blantyre or Lusaka at the beginning of December, will be considered.
  • The selectors favour practical and useful disciplines that are likely to offer a clear benefit to the beneficial area.
  • Because of their high cost, MBAs and PhDs are very seldom awarded in the UK, but a taught MBA at an established university in South Africa is acceptable.

Value of Scholarship:

  • Fees and costs of tuition and related academic expenses are paid by the Trust direct to the universities.
  • Payment of a personal allowance, index linked in accordance with guidance from an independent authority covering maintenance support.
  • Other allowances are paid for arrival, a laptop and printing of a thesis, and return home.
  • Economy Class air passages are provided by the Trust for the initial journey to the place of study, and for the return at the end of the course.
  • No allowances are paid for spouses or other family members.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in a Beit Scholarship, and as a help in tracking potentially qualified applicants, would you please:

  • Notify the relevant university, as part of your study application, that you will be approaching the Beit Trust for scholarship funding. Please indicate your work or professional experience;
  • Notify the Trust once you have submitted an application to a partner university;
  • Tell the Trust which course you’ve applied for;
  • Confirm your nationality to the Trust;
  • Zimbabweans, Nigeria and Malawians should send their application forms to
  • Zambians should send theirs to
  • Good luck, and we look forward to hearing from you.
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  1. Muibat Agbeke

    Education is now the priority schools now and it is an interesting program. This is act of encouragement and the candidate must ready for the requirements

  2. For me I think education should be for everyone we should in reading and writing and for them to work hard

  3. Franca Emeruom

    Interesting! More pleasing for a candidate to choose a course of his or her choice .There is no imposing of course to any candidate. In this case they won’t study under duress.

  4. Adesida Adeyemi

    Biet Trust masters scholarship for africans 2020 we say thank you very much for this priceless privilege extension to us God bless

  5. All everyone knows education is the best legacy and pathway to success and this an interesting something I love

  6. Ethel Clara

    It’s a good opportunity, thanks to Beit Trust. I know we still people in need of masters or PhD scholarship across Nigeria and Africa. This is a good chance for them.

  7. Josephat Uchechukwu

    I hope when am ready to do my PhD all these scholarship award will be available then. I have missed them at lower level and do want to loose them again.

  8. Congratulations! Congratulations!! Congratulations!!! I congratulate all African people who will be successful in all these kind of scholarship award. I also greet all people behind this programme.Thank you very much.



  10. May Jesukolade Jeremiah

    All these people should be considerate with the huge amount of or ransom imposed on youths during the registration

  11. Our Country Must Be Change By Fire By Force Because Our Children Will Be Well Educated So That Will Wull Travel To Other Country

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