1. Half of your movies are without dragons. Really good trailer.

  2. You left out Shazam Fury of the Gods…..the dragon in the movie looks quite fantastic

  3. Dragonslayer had the best dragon ever put to film in it.

  4. all of the d&d movies sucked,you have these actors playing in these buffer movies,why doesn't WOTC make movies based on the FUCKING MODULES:THEY COULD REALLY GOOD MOVIES FROM THOSE MODULES, UNTIL THEY DO! PISS OFF WOTC. BTW,I KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOT,IVE PLAYED THE GAME FORVYEARS

  5. The "Best" Movies that (for a minute or two) a DRAGON shows. (Trailers)

  6. Some of the dragon movies aren't out yet. How do we know they are the best dragon movies?

  7. Half of these aren't what I'd consider "dragon movies" (movies about a dragon). They are movies with dragons in them.

    And anyone who considers Eragon a good movie immediately loses all credibility with me.

  8. Reign of Fire (2002) has always been a favourite dragon movie of mine, definitely action packed!

  9. Never knew I needed this list until now ❤️ Thanks!

  10. Reign of Fire missed this list? best dragon movie ever IMO.

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