1. They're all crap .. unless ur a kid it's the same old bs plotline, with added boring superficial acting and CGI getting worse.. 2000s movies did CGI better.

  2. I didnt know I allready lived through the golden age of sci fi movies, until I saw this video of yours. Well now I know and its over now, and obviously it will never come back. Never again shall we enjoy masterpieces like Odysee 2001, Alien, Predator, Terminator… Its over…very sad.

  3. M3gan was amazing. Surpassed all my expectations. Strange World however….what a dumpster fire. Someone basically sat down and said okay, how do we fit every single cliche from "The Message", into a single film. I watched it for like 10 minutes, and was already bombarded with mixed marriage, homosexuality, women better than men, the shear amount of it was nauseating. We get it already!!! Up is down, left is right, every possible past norm is now offensive, bla bla bla. When tf are you going to get over yourselves?!? Sure, make some movies for the 1% that likes that shit, but at least make some that could be enjoyed by normal people too!!! Ugh, when are you going to learn that going woke means going broke!!! F-ing braindead morons!!!

  4. NOPE I've seen. A very good SF movie. I find nothing inspiring amongst these other movies.

  5. To the claim of "one last time" in the Gardians trailer…
    Over Marvel's dead body! They milk their franchise until they destroy them.
    I'm sure there'll be Guardian sequels 30 years after I'm long gone (and The Asylum knockoffs for every one).

  6. Would you look at that? Adam Driver is finally doing an ACTUAL SCIENCE FICTION MOVIE instead of that bullcrap where he portrays a 3rd rate wannabe version of Darth Vader.

  7. This list is garbage. A few of these movies have been out for 6 months or more

  8. Two things , how did 65 get a green light to be made ? and the animation on Legion of Super-Heroes looks like it was done on Microsoft Paint

  9. Please learn the difference between science fiction and fantasy (wrong title of this YouTube video).

  10. I have to wonder after seeing maybe 2 of the previews; one: how many of them are Disney+ streaming series; two: how many of them have been out for years already? Everyone of these I watch is littered with those two sets of Not New Movies.

  11. Most of these films were shown in 2022 !!!

  12. None of these looks good, it's sad to say but I think our time of great movies is over.

  13. 65 gets me excited since the last Jurassic world movie was so bad I hope this movie gives us some more dinosaur action

  14. "New and upcoming"..

    Half these films have been out for months

  15. Im not going to see Avatar 2 cuz the bad guys in the first one (humans) were just so awful. I wish they would make CGI movies that dont have so damned much fighting in them! Avatar was so beautiful and original, I loved the first part.

  16. I am a simple man. I see Adam Driver. I buy ticket. Has not failed me yet.

  17. Jurassic Park, Twilight Zone Doll, Stepford wives, Teen slasher movie, Guardians movie looks terrible. Variations on what's been done before. I won't go see any of them.

  18. The Guardians are old news! They're draining the hell out of this franchise. Someone kill it please!

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