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How To Find The Best Selling Products On Jumia 2022

If you are into mini importation, and you sell on Jumia. Then you will want to know the best selling products on Jumia 2022.

My name is Melody, and I have been writing about the mini importation business in Nigeria. I have written about how to import products from China to Nigeria using Chrisvicmall.

I have also written about how to sell your imported goods on Jumia and Facebook. So many of my blog readers have been messaging me, asking questions like;

  • How to find hot selling products in Nigeria
  • How to import fast-selling products and sell them in your country.

So today I have decided to answer all the questions listed above.

Mini importation business is not for the wick, it consumes a lot of resources. You need data and time to source for products, check products review, price and then decide on what to import.

So if you are not ready to consume those things, then the mini importation business in Nigeria is not for you.

But let me not discourage you, because those days you can get up to 3GIG for N1000. That is fair enough.

So, back to the topic. Discovering the best selling products on Jumia 2019.

Yes, I will be using Jumia Nigeria as an example, and “watch” as the product we are searching for. The reason is that I sell on Jumia, and you will want to sell on Jumia as well.

Please get a cold juice, relax and digest this information.

How To Find The Best Selling Products On Jumia 2022

  1. Open Jumia.com.ng on your laptop/mobile device
  2. Type “watch” on the search bar and hit the enter key on your keyboard
  3. Jumia will now display different types of men’s and women’s wristwatches.
  4. Click on any wristwatch with a high star review
  5. Now check the date of the last review if it is recent.
  6. If the date is very close to today’s date, then you have found yourself the best-selling products on the Jumia website.
  7. That is it.

Best Selling Products On Jumia 2019

Wait. I know you don’t understand that. No problem, I will explain it better to you in the video below.

Note that the video below was recorded by me, and I recorded it for this tutorial. So take your time to watch it and understand it. It is very straightforward.

Did you watch the video to the end? How was it?

Use the comment section below to tell me what you think about the video. You can as well as questions.

So from my article and video, you can see finding the hot selling products is as easy as ABC.

You can use the same method to source for the list of fast-moving consumer goods in Nigeria. At least 60-70% of Nigerians are now ordering products/items on Jumia.

How To Find The Best Selling Products On Jumia 2022 1

Most Nigerians already trust Jumia and even Ghanaians. I still remember a Ghanaian friend “Godwin” who told me he prefers to buy from Jumia.com.gh than go to their local gadget market.

Please before you proceed to import anything, make sure to read my secret of mini importation business in Nigeria. It is very important and you will find it useful.

Let me say thank you for taking the time to read my article. Titled “how to find the best selling products on Jumia 2022“.

Some bloggers might get angry because I’m giving this information out for free. This is a piece of information they usually sell to people.

How To Find The Best Selling Products On Jumia 2022 2

Use the comment box below to ask questions and get an instant reply. And remember this information is worth thousands of Naira.

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