Beyonce – Mood 4 Eva MP4 Video ft. Jay Z & Childish Gambino

Mood 4 Eva MP4

Beyonce has linked up with Jay Z and Donald Glover to enclose that feeling in Mood 4 Eva mp4 video. They feature the track on the album ‘The Lion King: The Gift‘.

Both ‘Bey and DJ’ produced The Lion King: The Gift’. Beyonce makes sure that The Gift was a “love letter to Africa,” and the production of “Mood 4 Eva” does just that.

They steep the hip hop track at its core in African rhythms, sounds, and background vocals; something that Childish Gambino also introduces more so when he comes in at the bridge.

Jay Z made a few remarks on his verse and also mentioning the meme where he’s shown rocking a helmet on a jet ski.

Mood 4 Eva MP4 Video Quotable Lyrics

Helmet, on a jetski, you know the vibes
Hit my head, forget I’m me (I love it), oh my God
Without the God in the XY (Yeah, yeah)
I’m afraid the whole game would be colonized (Yeah, yeah)
The marathon will be televised for N.I.P.​
‘Cause true kings don’t die, we multiply, peace

But the “Mood 4 Eva Mp4 Video” by Beyonce is not yet out. But her fans all over the world are hoping to see her make a remarkable video for the wonderful song.

So while we await Beyonce to release the video, you can download other of her songs below.


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