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  1. Going to watch this movie. Trailer's really well made. Big fan of Big George- the good guy.

  2. Looks okay, but I don't see a lot of accuracy on Muhammad Ali…overall it doesn't seem too accurate. But the idea is there…

  3. Not everyone can be a winner but we should celebrate and not envy them. Things could have turned out so different for George Foreman. He just wouldn't accept it.

  4. Another garbage biopsy movie. Just like Michael Jai White playing Tyson.

  5. If I can remember vividly I have seen a video on YouTube where he's beaten by Iron Mike Tyson. Perhaps, he is not the one.

  6. Geez…This George Foreman looks almost as bad as Hulu’s Mike Tyson! 😖

  7. Honestly i can't even catch the actor's face. I felt everyone look's the same

  8. My favorite heavy weight with Iron Mike, i just did his bio to a friend last week XD I'm so happy !

  9. This movie 🎥🍿 look really really good I can't wait to see this movie 🎥🍿

  10. I wonder how many people only know him for the grill and don't even know he was a boxer, lol

  11. If they plan to make sequels, I love to hear about the George Foreman Grill. It would be shame if it's just one movie about boxing.

  12. Would like to watch a movie about Ali but sadly no one will be able to recreate that man.

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