Bill To Strengthen Women’s Representation In Parliament Scales Second Reading

Bill To Strengthen Women’s Representation In Parliament Scales Second Reading

A constitutional amendment bill aimed at increasing women’s representation in parliament by introducing special seats has successfully passed its second reading in the House of Representatives.

During Tuesday’s session, lawmakers expressed mixed reactions to the bill. Some members fully supported the initiative, while others urged a more critical examination, citing the constitutional provision against discriminatory laws.

This bill had previously failed during the 9th assembly’s constitutional amendment process, where it was voted down by parliament.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives has asked President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s led government to halt the enforcement of the Samoa Agreement until all contentious clauses are thoroughly examined and clarified.

Melody news reports that the lawmakers took this move following a motion of urgent national importance put forward by 88 members.

During the discussion on Tuesday, House member Aliyu Madaki emphasized the clause concerning “gender equality,” labelling it as a potential threat to the country’s moral values.

Furthermore, the House has tasked its pertinent committees with scrutinizing the disputed terms of the agreement.

Melody News reports that the Samoa Agreement, recently signed by the Federal Government with the European Union, has stirred controversy due to concerns over the perceived recognition of LGBT rights by the Nigerian government.

Many concerned individuals expressed disapproval online, citing the country’s laws against same-sex marriages and gay relationships enacted in 2014 under then-President Goodluck Jonathan.