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Bitcoin Investment Script/Website 2022

This is a Bitcoin Investment Script website. Its source code was developed in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and MySQL databases on a WordPress CMS.

This bitcoin website provides a kind of financial investment service that gives you complete control over all your investment demands online.

This project was developed for educational purposes only, other bitcoin features were added based on demand.

This crypto investment PHP script was built in such a way you can add more things to the front end, all that is required is a little knowledge of drag-and-drop.

We embedded a demo video of the interface and functionalities of this bitcoin investment script. You can take your time and go through it to see how amazing it is. Same we did for our courier website and online banking script.

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Bitcoin Investment Script/Website 2021

Bitcoin Investment Script Features

100% Mobile Responsive

Both clients and admin dashboards are fully responsive; meaning that this online banking platform can be managed with small devices, like mobile phones and tablets.

Advance Admin Dashboard

This bitcoin investment script was built as a full content management system (CMS). Meaning that most of its features can be navigated from the administrator dashboard.

Supports Unlimited Currencies

No matter the currency you want this online banking script to use, that will not be a problem. All you need to do is to put the currency symbol in the admin settings.

Customer’s Image/Picture

Clients can add their image during registration, if they miss this step, the admin can at anytime upload an image for bank customers.

Account Verification by Admin

After successful registration, the client won’t be able to log in, he gets a notice that his account has not been approved. Tell us to enable this feature if you need it, and we will add it

User’s Email Notification on Registration

Every registered user gets an email notification with their registration details on our online bank script.

Email Alert Notification

User/client will receive an email in their mailbox whenever you add their daily interest to their account.

Unlimited Customer Account

There is no limit to the total number of users/clients that can register on your website when using this bitcoin investment script.

Demo Link

Above is just a demo, just a sample to let you see how it looks and works. So if you are interested in getting this bitcoin investment script/website, just WhatsApp +2349157211773.

Advantages of Our Investment Script

  • Free updates once available
  • Easy to modify the code
  • Suites all investment/broker project
  • Loads super fast
  • Fully SEO optimized
  • Latest PHP version
  • Full content management system (CMS)
  • Mobile responsive
  • Easy Navigation

How To Upload This Investment Script

  1. Request the file from us
  2. Unload the file to a live server or local server
  3. Create a database user and set a strong password for it
  4. Add the database user you created to the database you just created, and grant all privileges to the user (for those on the live server).
  5. Go to phpMyAdmin and import your script database file to your database (the file will be found in the /int_bank/DB folder in the file you unzipped)
  6. Edit the configuration file to your server information (edit database name, database user, and database password, it will be found in /int_bank/config/database.php)
  7. Create webmail, (the email that will be responsible for all mails)
  8. Login to your admin, go to settings, and add the webmail you created, bank name, and logo.


This bitcoin investment script is for educational purposes only. We are not responsible for any illegal use of this script. Thanks