1. This looks awesome‼️ Miguel Diaz is killing it as the Blue Beetle!!🪲 Very stoked for him! This is definitely like DC’s version of Iron Man and Spider Man!!

  2. Hoping for the best. Cuz I like the cast. And main character a lot.
    But looks like DC flopping again.
    Too many obvious tropes, and cliches. The whole trailer is the movie pretty much.

  3. Well the whole movie in a gist, we don’t need to watch it anymore 😂

  4. needs more cgi. i can still see actual people n shit.

  5. I'll watch it coz I wanna see Nana gun down enemies

  6. So he is gonna fight the corporation all movie long and at the end the guy gonna suit up the red armor (iron man 1), no consequences at all

  7. I truly got high hopes for this movie since this movie takes place in Gunn's universe. Hope it does not suck.

  8. It looked fair till the grandma gun part 😣 so corny what is this crap

  9. When he lounge up is like trying to remember me of Spiderman wanting back his power. But he humps out and lames on, I almost thought as it was saying "Going Turbo" of Max Steels line🤣🤣🤣💙

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