Bolaji Akinyemi: Israel’s International Moral Standing Has Been Eroded

Bolaji Akinyemi: Israel’s International Moral Standing Has Been Eroded

Nigeria’s former Foreign Affairs minister, Bolaji Akinyemi, says  Israel has lost its moral standing internationally, and its internal cohesion.

In an interview with ARISE news on Monday, Professor Akinyemi said the International Criminal Court (ICC) issue is causing Israel reputational damage.

  “Mossad has been going after ICC officials, blackmailing them, and even threatening their families to halt investigations into Israel,” he said.

 Akinyemi highlighted additional concerns, including attempts to breach the archives of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and possible threats against its judges to influence their judgments. 

He remarked, “Israel is prepared to destroy anything and everything that stands in its way, which is not the kind of image a country wants to have internationally.”

 Akinyemi also cited recent reports of Israeli soldiers in Gaza disobeying central command and acting independently. This has resulted in a significant increase in Palestinian casualties. 

Internally, he pointed out resignations within Israel’s cabinet, suggesting that “the nation is losing its internal cohesion, a factor that Prime Minister Netanyahu has often promoted as crucial.

 “The leader of the opposition in Israel has said he is prepared not to join the government but to support Netanyahu to prevent the country from breaking apart,” Professor Akinyemi noted.

 He stressed that Israel’s actions are creating problems not only for itself but for the rest of the world. There is an increasing number of nations, particularly in Europe, recognising Palestine as a state, reflecting growing international dissatisfaction with Israel’s conduct.

 Akinyemi concluded that if an African nation was engaging in similar actions as Israel, it would likely face government changes. “The central point is that Israel has lost its moral standing in the world,” he asserted.


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