1. okay, but as for the detectives (not the main characters, they're reporters and real people) why did they have to make up fake ones? they couldn't even be bothered to use phil dinatale?

  2. Doubtful it will be better that one on Netflix about Bundy. That was a masterpiece

  3. It will be so flop

  4. Where are all the films about the queens who oppressed the people of their kingdoms? The mothers that abuse their children or even live their dreams through them through toxic guidance? Where are all the films about the women who establish themselves through deceptions? The women that manipulate the desires of men and exploit their loneliness for their own gain? Where's the movie about Margaret Sanger? Eva Braun? Coco Chanel?

  5. Great to see Keira Knightley back on screen. This could be good.

  6. Check out the original with Tony Curtis – a stunning, devastating performance.

  7. another story retold for the feminists. hard pass.

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