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  1. Oluwatobiloba Okusaga says:

    Una no get container again abi… See strategy ooo, No wahala… We go help una find jar

  2. Kassim Waheed says:

    This is really serious ,why is this like this with 3m when bb gja goes for 30m,you guys should do more than this na

  3. Adesida Adeyemi says:

    Its a very nice way of encouraging student to deep theirselves into education although the prize for it is a also a source of joy but the main thing is the attitude towards their academics

  4. Muibat Agbeke says:

    It is funny though .how can people started picking empty jars and sachet? Just because of 3million naira .good luck to the winner to be

  5. Anonymous says:

    Like seriously… This got me laughing. I wonder if Bournvita now lack containers.

    1. Chinny Best says:

      Like seriously.. 50 what… This is kind of hilarious I must say. But never the less, this is Nigeria where anything is possible

  6. Josephat Uchechukwu says:

    I was laughing as I read through their qualification points of 50,000. If they had mentioned this Earlie I wouldn’t have discard some of jars we used at home. Good luck to the schools that will grab those prices

  7. Ugwu Shedrack says:

    It Is A Very Nice Thing, Is Just To Test There Knoledgement, And There Performance True There You Can Be Connected To Any Where

  8. Franca Emeruom says:

    During our time in Secondary School we never had these golden opportunities that’s emerging now. It was Cowbells now Bournvita, tomorrow it will be Peak milk and Ovatine. This is another way companies promote itself.

  9. Afolabi Sulton says:

    This is actually a thing we should sponsor, things that can help the young one’s to be a better leader of tommorow

  10. YAHAYA SAHEED says:

    This is a nice idea and is nice program. This should not stop,the federal government and the states government should intervene Into tfinancehis program to help in the area of finance

  11. Awokunle Gideon oluwaferanmi says:

    This is a very impressing opportunity given by the company.. Thanks for being there at all times

  12. RAIFU LATIFAT says:

    The federal and state governments should assist the organiser of the program and help them to achieved their desire.


    This is very very interesting and it will boost the morale of education. We need to encourage Young one to be a good leader in future

  14. May Jesukolade Jeremiah says:

    This talent show is really going to help the career of much student in this Nigera present economy situation

  15. Diepriye Daniel says:

    Seriously Bournvita, what a great news you gat thanks really we really appreciate

  16. Diepriye Daniel says:

    Bournvita a great and nourishing drink, thanks again, keep giving us more

  17. Bello Usman Nga says:

    Thank you bournvita, I believe this will help a lot of kids to put more effort in their academics. Thank you once again

  18. Adesida Adeyemi says:

    This will turn Nigerian student into the street searching for bournvita empty jars making them to be prone to all the street hazards .I think its better to find another way of helping them instead of sending them off into the street

  19. Stephen Olaoke says:

    Very impressive from bournvita.
    Students should get busy with other extracurricular activities and not just education alone

  20. Adigun Uthman Akinkunmi says:

    Cowbell, Bournvita Coca-Cola and some few companies are the encouraging Nigeria education than our dear government, when last government has set up something like this? they will surely never but they will still be owing Labour and refuse to pay more than the little amount that will finish before 5th of new month they are paying the workers. I will say it, there will report hereafter whether you like it or not

  21. Biobaku Thomas says:

    Thank you bournvita,This talent show is really going to help the career of young student

  22. Abdulazeez Oladimeji says:

    This talent show is a good idea. It will help some schools to be known and also help some students career particularly in Nigeria

  23. Peace Chinedu says:

    Bournvita is trying because this will make student to study hard but the dull brain are still dull

  24. Elijah Aborisade says:

    We need more of such competitions as this in order to reawaken the minds of the young ones and get them well prepared enough for the future. I believe it would be a free and fair competition .

  25. May Jesukolade Jeremiah says:

    The current Nigeria economy situation requires a lot of sense that can fetch more funds to the economy…

  26. Adesida Adeyemi says:

    Its a very nice competition to help student that are brilliant but have little or no finacial for their support at least winning that 3m is something that can help to a reasonable degree

  27. Johnny_sweetlife says:

    Its a great opportunity for those who really need it…and besides some persons dont mind going about pick the containers

  28. Junior Iyke says:

    Opportunity have come interesting

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