Brett coin shines in the Crypto market as total market cap of Meme coins hit $70 billion 

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Brett coin (BRETT) a frog-themed meme coin is fast becoming the breakout star of the meme coin bullish run after hitting an all-time high of $0.14 and getting listed for trading on Kucoin, a major cryptocurrency exchange.

This is happening in a crypto market where the prices of crypto assets either consolidated or dropped slightly in the past 24 hours.

Brett coin’s bull run is another reflection of how well memecoins are doing in the market recently with their collective market capitalization hitting the $70 billion mark.

The key factor behind Brett meme coin’s price surge was its listing on Kucoin for BRETT/USDT trading per CryptoPotato report. Kucoin also went the extra mile by launching a mini airdrop campaign to celebrate the listing.

Kucoin set aside 1,200,000 Brett tokens as a reward pool for users who invite new members to the platform.

Brett coins price surged after this initiative hitting an all-time high of $0.14 and its market capitalization briefly breaking the $1.4 billion mark before settling at $1.35 billion.

Before its listing on Kucoin, Brett coin was already listed on other cryptocurrency exchanges like Bitget, Bitmart, and

Brett coin’s recent exploits in the market is gaining the project lots of admiration from crypto traders, analysts, and crypto influencers at the moment. The general belief amongst this side of the crypto community is that Brett coin’s bull run was beginning and not going to stop anytime soon.

A crypto analyst with the X handle Stasher posted on the platform that Brett is moving in the same direction as successful memecoins projects like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe.

“This looks like THE lower risk memecoin investment that genuinely is giving me DOGE, SHIBA, and PEPE vibes,” the analyst added.

Another Crypto influencer who goes by the name Crypto Rover with over 700,000 followers also commented on the trending Brett coin’s bull run saying he too has made profits from the project.

Brett Coin is not alone in the class of memecoins drawing the attention of investors with their impressive performance. Pepe (PEPE), Floki Inu ( FLOKI), and PoliFi meme coins like Trump (MAGA) are also recording significant price surges and attracting investors currently.

The performance of memecoins in the market has driven their total market capitalization to $70 billion cementing its position as a very important member of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

What to Know 

  • Meme coins are cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin or Ethereum) that pay homage to a meme, which is an interesting or funny idea captured in an image, video, or another form of media. Like the memes they’re based on, meme coins are designed to go viral and be shared.
  • The success of memecoins is heavily dependent on its community. Dogecoin is the most successful memecoin project and it was backed by Billionaire Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, and even Snoop Dogg.
  • Brett coin is currently worth N209,47 in Nigerian currency and can be bought on Bitget or Bitmarket.
  • Despite its propensity for massive returns, memecoins are seriously notorious for extreme volatility and could lead to huge losses for investors. Investors are required to apply caution and do research before trading memecoins.


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