Buhari Will Soon Regulate Online Media, Lai Mohammed says


The NBC act has been amended to include online broadcasters, Lai Mohammed has disclosed. Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has disclosed that the online media space in Nigeria will soon be regulated.

According to TheCable, Mohammed made the disclosure on Thursday, October 10, 2019 in Abuja when he inaugurated a seven-man committee set up to implement reforms in the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

The minister said President Buhari approved an amendment to the NBC act to enable it license WebTv and radio stations, including foreign broadcasters beaming signals into the country.

“The terms of reference of the committee are as follows; To establish and publish a new regulation for the licensing of web and internet broadcasters/international broadcasters in Nigeria.

Buhari Will Soon Regulate Online Media, Lai Mohammed says 1

“To immediately commence work on all statutory, legal and regulatory framework for further legislative action on the review of the NBC act by the national assembly.

“To work out the modalities for competitive and reasonable salaries, wages and other welfare needs of the staff of the commission.

“To establish necessary protocols for the establishment or appointment of professionals or technocrats (non-partisan personality) to run the agency, and appointment into the board of the NBC,” Mohammed was quoted as saying.

The minister added that the president also approved the upward review of fines from N500,000 to N5 million for breaches relating to hate speeches, and the upgrade of political comments relating to ”Class A” offence in the broadcasting code.

“I have no doubt that this committee, which comprises highly-experienced professionals and administrators, will carry out a thorough job that will reposition the NBC as an effective and efficient regulator,” Mohammed said.

War Against Hate Speech

Speaking in Lagos on Friday, January 22, 2016, Mohammed vowed that the Buhari administration had no plans to regulate online media.

President Buhari has repeatedly denounced “hate speech” on social media in recent national broadcasts.

President Buhari has repeatedly frowned at hate speech in the social media space (Presidency)

On October 1, 2019, Buhari’s Independence Day address contained the following words: “Our attention is increasingly being focused on cyber-crimes and the abuse of technology through hate speech and other divisive material being propagated on social media. 

“Whilst we uphold the constitutional rights of our people to freedom of expression and association, where the purported exercise of these rights infringes on the rights of other citizens or threatens to undermine our national security, we will take firm and decisive action.”


    • I think all we need in this country is the good mind yo appreciate the little effort our leaders make, though we all complain about them not leading well we too should see to it that we aren’t being good citizens too, this is because whoever climbs up to the government seat is always being badly regarded, We only pray and hope that the president use his power to bring us meaningful thoughts

  1. I am very much concern about this hate speech. Why is Mr Buhari so scared? If he does well we Nigerians will praise him, where by he didn’t do as expected people must criticise him.
    After all throughout his first tenure is all complaints about PDP.

  2. Hate speech is what we must stop in Nigeria especially when talking about our leaders, and it should be seriously punishable under the law. yes both major religions’ Scriptures warned against that..now let take an ordinary look, there will always be at least a way we can say whatever we want without insulting our leaders but reverse is the case. anyways, what baffle my mind most is that how will this government regulate this? will they come to my house and arrest me for hate speech..well technology dey what do I know?

    • This your government first insulted you when they denied you your rightful citizenship. You may ask how? Am very sure if you have quality job after graduating or good business that does not give you chance but pays huge money, you won’t be in this platform.

  3. I think we need to educate our minister more on what to say on the social media. I think this man has forgotten that people use social media to express their feeling towards their leaders.

  4. The day we have some bonafy leaders and leaders that do things that is not for there own intrest, that is the day i will accept myself as a citizen of Nigeria, they are all doing things for there own intrest

  5. Kudos to a well job done by Mr. President since his administration began in 2015 and now he want to amend and regulate the rules and regulations bidding the broadcasting it is better because those who are rubbish on air.

  6. yes, good move from the president and minister of information, thats a good development from he sector. especially those that reported that he wants to do wedding today after jumuah. they should arrest and jail them, what am I saying self. smiles. but all false news reporters and fake online bloggers should be reduced and penalties should be set against it.

  7. Don’t think this well happen with immediate effect. Let say what our president says will happen maybe next year or 2022 when is time to withdrew his post that when this people do work very hand

  8. I hope this country will be safe to stay for our people one day one day, cause doing is not our concern but if they think it is a good idea then what are they waiting for.

  9. Hate speech is the most important thing they need to conquer fast because of the destruction it made this days. We pray they will implement all the good things they are bringing up for us.. Amen

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