Canadian woman attempts to smuggle Nigerian lover to her country

Canadian woman attempts to smuggle Nigerian lover to her country

In a hilarious video, a Canadian woman insisted her younger Nigerian lover follows her to her country, even if it means squeezing into her travel bag.

In an emotional tone, the woman insisted she wouldn’t leave without her man, expressing her desire to take him to Canada with her.

She opened her travel bag and suggested her boyfriend get inside. He humorously attempted to fit into the bag, and they pretended he was still inside as she dragged it out.

The video was captioned: “POV: He is coming home with me!!”

While some viewers found the video amusing, others felt it was insulting to the entire Black race.

Check out some reactions below

Evangeline Chinyere stated: “This guys thinks he is creating content but it’s actually an insult to the entire black race”

IamLizkid asserted: “Abeg help me find one”

KELECHI said: “Osas small client wey boys dy manage you dun go marry her .. nawao 😞”

Omolowo Akande wrote: “Any way na way sha japa go Canada o 😂🤲🏼”

Deslilym said: “Two dramatic people, they fit 😂”

VERIFIED homie said: “The guy don hammer”

Lions stated: “Una just dey go marry una grandma just to run away from naija”

KayFx said: “I know this is a skit but what if she zips that bag and refuses to open it?? My thoughts 💭 tho”


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