1. Ok wait, were any of the women vampires supposed to be Elizabeth Bartley? I want my Green haired vampire! She's my favorite! ❤

  2. For someone wo played the games…. Are Dracula, his wife and Adrian (Alucard) in the new series???? Yes I want to be Spoilered about that…..

  3. Can't wait until we see a commercial release for this. I love what the animation studio here has done with the Castlevania license, I just don't want to give Netflix any more money than I absolutely have to after they botched the Cowboy Bebop adaptation.

  4. Ohhhhh…. oHHhhhh……… OHHhhhhhhhhh…… OOOOHHHH!!!!!!
    I'm so excited, but I hope they remember how badass rhicter really was and don't change that x)
    Also really curious of the story line, what year, decendants ect.

  5. But wait where is Alucard? 😢

  6. I have never played the games, but looking at these trailer looks like richter has magical abilities. Does it come from sypha?

  7. If they don't say "Die, monster. You don't belong in this world!" I'm going to riot.

  8. Can’t wait for possessed Richter in Season 5 Symphony of the Night!

  9. Sooooo, Did Kid Richter observe his mother's death and not run away instantly? He had to grab the whip first, then flee? A true Belmont sticks with the whip!

  10. 1:09 that’s straight up just Roy Mustang from fullmetal alchemist lol

  11. Just like the first series, the animation teeters between incredibly awesome to janky as hell.

  12. So we gonna go hard right away with Richters theme

  13. Wonderful!! The first guitar tune of Richter's Theme sounds like Eric Draven played it himself!!! ❤❤

  14. Send me some photos and I Will help your career.. free 3D glasses.. I'm not joking

  15. I hope this franchise series continues to the point where we'll finally be able to see and witness the 1999 Demon Castle Wars.

  16. Ok but the theme that is playing is soo nostalgic

  17. FINALLY NEW SEASON ❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥 and Dam He sounded like Trevor 🔥🔥🔥

  18. nah bro it's overhyping itself for no reason

  19. They included more of the songs?! FINALLY! Thank you!

  20. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Jesus said to Thomas, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me". There is only one way to heaven. That Way is Jesus and his word of truth. No other can grant us eternal life.

  21. Alucard has better be in this , there was so little of him in the 4 seasons i want more of him hes a very interesting characrer

  22. I have very high expectations, and I hope I like Richter more than Trevor… though highly unlikely. I LOVE what you're all doing here, keep up the amazing work!

  23. Righter is Him. It looks like they’re going to do a good job showing how powerful he is in this series.

  24. What?! They went from Trevor to Richter?!?! Man, I was hoping to see my favorite character Simon. LOL!! Oh man.

  25. Great animation etc, but I worry it'll be a bit too forced. But love that we get a Belmont with more magic.

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