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How To Get Free Backlink From 2019

Building Backlink’s to your blog is one major problem for bloggers. But getting a backlink from Mozilla should not be a problem after reading this article. This day’s people create blogs and website on a daily basis. Creating a blog is not the problem. Maintaining and keeping it updated with unique content is the key problem. Now back to backlink. I have talked about getting high PR backlink from Edu and from other high authority sites. Hear my advice. Stop building comments backlink. Google is now smart enough and such backlink is now regarded as spamming. Imagine a post with 300 comments, and almost all the 300 comments are links. If you were to be google, will you consider such […]

How To Get Unlimited Dent for Free Data in 2019

The DENT App is an application for Android and IOS device that allows you to get free data to browse the internet, top-up and data for friends and family. The App is designed by DENT Wireless Company. The application is similar to Opera News, Zoto, TopUp Africa, which also gives free airtime bonus and data. A lost of Android users want to know how to get unlimited free dent coin without referring anyone. What Is Dent DENT is a blockchain that aims to build a global marketplace where everyone gets an opportunity to purchase and sell units of mobile data. DENT blockchain uses the DENT token on its network. The coin aims to be a major currency all around the world for mobile data amidst the users […]

This Site Is Blocked Due To Phishing Threat [Solved] 2019

As a website designer, you must have encountered an error in a domain, an error like domain name automatically redirect to OpenDNS or saying (This Site Is Blocked Due To Phishing Threat). Or google chrome browser saying the website you’re about visiting is not secure, even with SSL installed. With an advance option to proceed to the unsecured website. After clicking on proceed, it will automatically redirect you to OpenDNS saying your domain is a threat. Now let me tell you a little about what happens to me. I design a tracking website for an organization, after delivering the job they begin to notice the website is going Off and On. One minute accessible and the other minute it won’t. […]

How To Get Free Backlink From 2019

Creating a do-follow free backlink from Microsoft website is not a difficult thing, but most bloggers still find it very difficult to do. Creating backlinks is not rocket science but creating a quality free do-follow backlink from an authority site is very hard for a newbie. Remember I posted how to get a free backlink from, and how to get Edu backlink from Unilag. So today I am going to show you the easiest way to getting the backlink and how to get it indexed on google. A do-follow backlink from Microsoft website can instantly boost your website ranking and make you appear on Google first page. As at today 27/Dec/2018. is global rank 42 and rank 35 in the […]

How To Get Free Backlink From 2019

You will agree with me that CNN is one of the most popular TV channels in the world. Getting backlink from CNN website is quite difficult. As you know, CNN website is a very high authority website, getting just one (1) backlink from their domain will definitely boost your domain DA and PA. As at today 26/Dec/2018, their domain is ranking 101 globally, and rank 27 in the United States. With a total 172,682 domain linking in. About CNN Website is among the world’s leaders in online news and information delivery. Staffed 24 hours, seven days a week by a dedicated staff in CNN’s world headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and in bureaus worldwide, relies heavily on CNN’s global team of almost […]

How To Get Free Backlink From 2019

Getting a do-follow backlink from website is not a difficult task if you follow my procedure. I see lots of bloggers selling “getting a backlink from Unilag website” for N5000 and above. I decided to start my research and to God be the glory, my research was successful. Backlink from any university website will definitely increase your domain DA and make your website rank faster. I created this blog ( a few weeks back and I’m already making google first (1st) page. I wanted to venture into music download blogging. But after googling “YBNL Mafia Album Mixtape” I decided not to continue with music blogging. Because, a site like naijaloaded, tooxclusive, 9jaflaver and co already owns google first (1st) […]

How To Get Free Edu Backlink Very Fast 2019 Method

Getting high PR free Edu backlink is the most challenging thing when it comes to blogging. The chances of getting high PR backlink as a new blogger is totally zero per cent. It takes lots of time and patient to build an ordinary do-follow backlink, and take another year to get a high PR do-follow Edu backlink. Are you a blogger trying to get high PR Edu backlink to your blog? If yes, then you’re in the right place. I will show you a list of places to get free PR9 Edu backlinks to your blog. Benefit Of Having Edu Backlink It increases your blog domain authority (DA) Increases page authority (PA) Increases ranking Boost search engine visibility and so […]

7 Ways To Reduce Data Usage On iPhone Devices

this is the easiest method to Reduce Data Usage on iPhone Devices. You will agree with me that the iPhone devices use much of browsing data than any other phone brand. Imagine using MTN, Airtel, Glo or 9mobile (1) month subscription, the data will still be consumed within a few hours or days. Monthly subscription will not last you more than 3 days even without download app, music or video. Currently, I am using the “iPhone 6” with Airtel monthly subscription, 3GB for N1000.,ng And I’m able to manage it for like one week, and that’s because I use it on my laptop as well. For those of you not using it on your laptop and not downloading the heavy […]

Step To Verify WhatsApp With USA Number 2019

To verify WhatsApp with USA Number in Nigeria is not an easy task. I google search and found different methods of verifying US WhatsApp from Nigeria, but guess what? All the methods online didn’t solve my problem, so I begin to carry out different research on my own. And finally, I got the solution, yes I even used it to verify my own WhatsApp to USA WhatsApp. If you’re here because you want to do the same to your WhatsApp, then I say welcome. Because today, I’m going to show you how to easily Verify WhatsApp With USA Number here in Nigeria, or another country. Yes, you don’t need to travel out to get US phone number for verification. All […]

How To Easily Edit Carrington Mobile Theme 2019

How to customize and edit Carrington Mobile Theme for WordPress blog is one of the most asked questions by bloggers. After googling Carrington mobile theme, I found out that most Nigerians bloggers are hungrily in need of the customization tutorial. So today we are going to look into how to edit and customize WordPress Carrington Mobile Themes. I believe you have successfully downloaded the Themes, Or let say you already have other WordPress Carrington themes you’d like to customize. Steps To Easily Edit Carrington Mobile Themes Customizing the themes is easy and can be done through the WordPress admin dashboard. Login to your WP Dashboard Goto “Appearance” > Themes > Editor Under “select theme to edit”, Choose Carrington and click Select. Click […]

Download 2019 Carrington Mobile Themes For WordPress

Carrington Mobile Themes For WordPress is one of the most commonly used WordPress Mobile Themes by Nigerians bloggers. Ever wondered where to download the latest customized Mobile Themes for your WordPress blog? If your answer is here, then, you’re in the right place, because I will show you how to download it, install and customize it. Today we’re going to share with you the latest one used by most Nigeria bloggers. Using WordPress Carrington Themes will not only make your WordPress blog load faster, but it also makes it navigate responsively. Most mobile users love visiting blogs running on Carrington Themes. Benefits of Using Carrington Mobile Themes It loads very fast (good for SEO) Doesn’t consume mobile users data Visitors can […]