Check out full affidavit of Sophia Momodu opposing Davido’s joint custody

Check out full affidavit of Sophia Momodu opposing Davido’s joint custody

In the ongoing child custody battle, Sophia Momodu opens cans of worms against her child’s father, Davido as she submits a 100-paragraph counter-affidavit.

This document, filled with shocking allegations, exposes a tumultuous relationship and the dark side of celebrity parenthood and has been filed in the High Court of Lagos.

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Momodu claims that Davido used their daughter, Imade, as leverage to maintain a sexual relationship with her, withdrawing fatherly duties and financial support whenever she tried to end their affair.

She accused Davido of being an “absentee father” who prioritizes his career and wild lifestyle over his daughter’s well-being. Sophia Momodu cites alleged periods of abandonment, including a two-year span where he reportedly had no contact with Imade.


The document also reveals a startling allegation that Davido’s family attempted to kidnap Imade when she was just three months old, intending to take her out of the country without Momodu’s consent.

The mother of one further criticized Davido’s lifestyle, calling him a “world-acclaimed womanizer” and claiming that his home is an unsafe environment for a young girl while referencing the tragic death of Davido’s son in 2022 as evidence.

Financial disputes are a key feature of the affidavit, with Momodu asserting that she has been left to cover most of Imade’s expenses, including school fees and accommodation costs, despite previous agreements with Davido.

The custody battle has become public, with Momodu accusing Davido of using the court case as a publicity stunt by publishing details in a national newspaper. She argues that this has exposed Imade to danger and unnecessary public attention.

Check out Sophia Momodu’s full affidavit opposing Davido bid for joint custody


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