Chelsea players face strict diet under new fitness coach Marcos Alvarez

Chelsea players face strict diet under new fitness coach Marcos Alvarez

Chelsea’s players are bracing for major dietary changes under their new fitness coach, Marcos Alvarez, who has joined the club alongside Enzo Maresca.

Maresca signed a five-year deal, becoming Chelsea’s sixth manager since Todd Boehly’s takeover in 2022.

Alvarez, who previously worked with Maresca at Leicester City, is known for his strict dietary rules.

His reputation for enforcing strict nutrition guidelines was established during his time at Tottenham, Sevilla, Parma, and Leicester.

Chelsea boss Enzo Maresca and clubs fitness coach Marcos Alvarez – Getty image

Daily Telegraph reveals that Alvarez banned salt, pepper, sauces, cake, and fruit juice during his time at Tottenham.

In Leicester, Alvarez also removed fried eggs from the players’ menu due to the high saturated fat content from butter or oil used in cooking.

This strict approach is reportedly the opposite of the more lenient dietary policies under Chelsea’s previous coach, Mauricio Pochettino.

During his time, talkSPORT players enjoyed sweet treats, table sauces, and seasonings like salt and pepper, talkSPORT disclosed.

The new dietary regime is set to begin when Chelsea’s non-international players return from their holidays on July 4.

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