1. Day 3 of asking you to add more Komi can’t communicate episodes

  2. Finally Beck again on tv

  3. Another modern women dating multiple men at once lmao

  4. I can’t wait to see Laura in another movie because I love her movies and I have known her then Austin and ally 😍😍😍

  5. Do we get to choose a different woman? Because she is awful.

  6. Netflix is finally doing something really cool with this technology and taking the movie watching experience to the next level. The next cool thing would be tot realest a movie like this in theaters with buttons on the seats and the choice is made by audience popular vote.

  7. I remember they did something like this with unbreakable kimmy schmidt 😂😂

  8. anyone else thinking dang is that Ross Lynch?

  9. Hey look another Netflix show celebrating a cheating woman!!! Yeah the 100th this year alone lol

  10. Hang on we get Laura Marano from Austin and ally, Avan Jogia from Victorious and Jordi Webber from Power rangers and they are all in one movie. It’s giving childhood memories. 😂

  11. So y’all aren’t making the victorious – Austin and Ally joke

  12. Netflix casually obsessed with toxic relationships

  13. P.S she should pick Rex can we just admit he is a full package and out of this trailer if she picks him she will get her dream job as a singer

  14. Is it just me or did Avan jogia and the power ranger guy get hotter❤❤

  15. They chose the wrong person to choose chillld I'm going to make this more Interesting

  16. Thank you for making this for we the romantics love you guys i love u sm netflix❤

  17. Thought this was xqc for a moment, I was scrolling and just saw the head 😅

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