Chrisvicmall – 2019 Complete Shipping From China To Nigeria Guide


Are you thinking of mini importation business? Or how to import goods from abroad?.

Chrisvicmall is Nigerian procurement and shipping agent based in 4/6 Afisman Drive, off Oduyemi Street, opposite Ikeja Local Government, Lagos Nigeria.

They can help you process your findings, acquiring goods, services and ship directly from sites like,,, Alibaba, eBay and Amazon to Nigeria and Ghana.

They can help you with making payment to your supplier in China and USA.

Meaning you can easily buy goods online and import them using Chrisvicmall logistics.

They are 1688 agent in Nigeria or call them 1688 buying agent in Nigeria.

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Steps To Ship From China To Nigeria

This guide will cover shipping from,,, Alibaba to Nigeria, and how to get it delivered to your doorstep.

Items needed:

  1. Site Account (Create an account with Alibaba/Aliexpress)
  2. Create an account on the chrisvicmall website
  3. An email account
  4. A Bank Account (i recommend GTBank or any other bank that issue Naira MasterCard)
  5. A valid home address
  6. Have a laptop or a smartphone

The method also covers “how to buy from from Nigeria

How To Create An Account On Aliexpress

Creating an account is easy, we are using Aliexpress as a case study, visit, then click “Join Free” to create a new account.

Fill the registration form with your correct information, please avoid making mistake, when done click “Create your account”.

Remember you can also signup using your Facebook account.

After successfully creating an account, proceed to sign-in and begin to set your receiving address.

Follow the steps listed below to set up your receiving address.

  • Click “My Aliexpress”
  • Then click “My shipping addresses”
  • Now click “Add New Address” and type in your correct receiving address (office or home Address)

Now that you have successfully created an account on Aliexpress, let move to creating an account on Chrisvicmall website.

Steps To Create An Account on

  1. Visit website from your PC or mobile
  2. Click Register
  3. Fill the form with your correct information
  4. Click signup

You have successfully registered, now sign-in.

After signing in, click on my “Dashboard”, your account profile will display, then you can make any changes you like.

Now let’s proceed to buy from China site and shipping to your doorstep in Nigeria/Ghana.

Steps To Shipping Goods From China To Nigeria Using Chrisvicmall Logistics

We are still using Aliexpress as a case study.

  1. Visit Aliexpress and login to your account
  2. Search and select the product you want to buy
  3. Select the quality, colour and size
  4. Then click on “Add to cart”
  5. Go to your cart and click “buy all from this seller”

A message box will display, like “leave a message for this seller” on the confirm/review order page.

Now goto Chrisvicmall and copy your China address.

(They automatically gives you China address immediately after creating an account on their website).

Now go back to Aliexpress and send the seller a message, copy and paste the message below inside the “leave a message for this seller” field.

Message 1:

Hello, I love your product. Please, I want my order to be shipped to this address; (paste your China address here, the address you copied from Chrisvicmall).

Let the seller know you are buying from different sellers, and that you want to ship them with one shipping source.

Copy and paste the message below to the Aliexpress seller.

Message 2:

I’m buying different products from different sellers, and I want to ship all products with one shipping source. I will place the order, please kindly remove your shipping fee so I can complete the order payment. Thanks and I await your reply.

The seller will read your message and reply you, those sellers are always online, and their going offline don’t stay too long.

Now click on “Confirm and pay”

Another page will open, click “Cancel Payment” then go back to Aliexpress.

Now let’s wait for the seller to reply our message, this might take minutes, hours or even days. But most sellers are always available on time.

Not all sellers will agree to ship to the China address you gave them, some will agree, while some will disagree.

If the seller replies saying he can ship to the giving address, then you proceed and make complete payment for the goods.

To make payment, go to your “Aliexpress order page” and click “Pay Now”

What if the seller disagrees to ship to our address?

Then you visit your “order page” and cancel the order. Then try another seller


I will advise you to try and message different sellers selling the same product, then use anyone that reply he/she can ship to your address.

It’s better than messaging and waiting for one seller before moving to another.

Shipping Your Goods From China

So let say you have completed your payment and the seller has shipped it to the address you gave him.

What’s next?

Next step is to inform Chrisvicmall about your order.

Follow the steps listed below to inform them.

  1. Login to your Chrisvicmall account and click on “dashboard”
  2. Then click on “place new order”
  3. Now click on “only shipping”
  4. On the only shipping form, copy and paste the URL (link) of the seller.
  5. Enter the quality of the product you ordered and click “Add product”.

You will receive an email notification containing the details of your order.

Now wait for your goods to arrive your China address, that’s Chrisvicmall China office.

On arriving their address, you will receive another email and phone notification telling you about your products and how much you need to pay for them to ship it to your Nigeria address.

Once you made the payment, your order will be shipped to Nigeria within 4 – 7 business working days.

Once it arrives Nigeria, they will deliver it to your local address (doorstep).

Now you should be happy seeing your goods.

Can Chrisvicmall help me place order and deliver it?

Yes, they can place an order for you and deliver it to you. When placing the order, choose “Purchasing and Shipping” instead of “Only Shipping”.

The video below will also help you, please it wasn’t recorded my me, saw it on youtube.

Chrisvicmall Live Chat

Just visit their website, look to your bottom left side, their live chat icon is always there. You can chat they us and ask any question you want.

Chrisvicmall Alternative

Yes, I know you’d like to know if there are any other shipping alternatives.

Below are other shipping agents in Nigeria, but I haven’t tried them. So you can give them a try on your own.

  • Anthas
  • Circuitatlantic
  • UK2Nigeria
  • Shopizee
  • US2Naija
  • UK2Me
  • MyUS
  • Shoptomydoor

Then we have expensive logistics companies in Nigeria, like;

  • DHL
  • EMS

Chrisvicmall Free SMS

The message you’ll receive from them once your order gets to their China office is absolutely sent for free of charge.

(I don’t really know why people are searching for this).

Chrisvicmall Exchange Rate

Their exchange rate changes from time to time base of the market rate.

The best thing to do is to visit their website and use their exchange rate calculator to check the rate. Like

That’s all I have to tell you, you can call this “Chrisvicmall Review‘.

Let me know what you think, and if you have used their service before, kindly tell me about your experience using the comment box below.

Chrisvicmall – 2019 Complete Shipping From China To Nigeria Guide
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