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    • They’re different ways to making payment. You can pay using your Naira MasterCard online. If you’re using agent, the agent will tell you how to pay…

  1. Daku David Daku David

    U too much may God bless you.

  2. Splendour Splendour

    Even when any payment ha nt been made, it can not be canceled?

    • You can cancel/ignore the order if you haven’t make payment…….. But you cannot cancel order after making payment, because most china seller don’t refund.
      So make sure you’re 100% ready/okay with the order before making payment.

  3. Pauline Pauline

    How can you ensure the quality of goods you are buying? I have been buying things for personal use from aliepress before now but most of the time if not all the time, the quality is so bad that I can not use it. I want to import things like shoes, dresses, bags and human hair. I need them to be of good quality so I can sell

    • That’s another reason you buy through agent. Don’t just visit the website and place order.. always involve agent.. it’s their duty to check the goods before shipping it down to Nigeria. Hope you understand?

  4. Lami Lami

    I placed an order in aliexpress and the seller agreed to ship to the China address. I’ve done all the necessary things and it has been delivered to the China address but I’m unable to place an order for the product on Chrisvicmall. Each time I click on place order after adding to my cart, it just doesn’t take me to another page.

    • What China address did you give him?. If it’s Chrisvicmall then you’re suppose to receive email/call from Chrisvicmall informing you that your order has arrived their China office.
      I don’t know the address you gave him. So my advice to you now is to contact the owner of the address you gave him. From there you’ll know what next to do.

      Hope that helps.

  5. Oloyetobi Oloyetobi

    I paid into chrisvicmall UBA NIGERIA since Saturday have not been credited till now…. Have some the payment notification 5 times now still same thing, I placed order for shipping and I was told 18 items was packed, but I got 17 items, while all the was marked as sent in the receipt given and on their website…. Pls how do I go with this my two problems……

    • Sorry for that.. The best thing to do now is to directly contact Chrisvicmall customer support. They should look into the issue and know what to do/know where the problem is from.

      Chrisvicmall Nigeria Office Address

      Lagos Office Address: 4/6 Afisman Drive, off Oduyemi Street, opposite Ikeja Local Government.

      Customer Support line:
      For Inquiry: 08155958098 or 002348184043798
      For Parcel Collection: 002348109629262

      Please give them a call. Thanks

  6. John John

    I want to ship some items such as bags and shoes
    Pls which Shipping method is more suitable?

    • Use normal shipping, they’ll tell you it takes 2 weeks. Don’t just listen to that, because it normally takes up to 1 month.

      Express shipping takes like 5-7 days, but it’s very expensive.

  7. Nancy Nancy

    How do I get contact of an agent..
    I need one

  8. dokins dokins

    Thanks so much for this enlightenment.. Play can I use chrisvicmall as an agent.. Thanks

  9. Hiqmah Hiqmah

    sir what if we don’t use MasterCard but verve card?

    • I don’t think Verve Card works on the website. The best is Master Card, as it’s globally accepted

  10. May May

    Please any reliable agents to recommend in Ghana?

  11. firstlady firstlady

    good morning pls I want to order bags and shoes clothes and how do I go about it how do I get agent,how do I have access to view the products,how do I go about the shipping

    • I have explained how to view product to order, and how to place shipment in my post. As for agent, I will advise you to use Chrisvicmall as your shipping agent.

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