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Details Behind The City FM OAPs Insulting Tiwa Savage

Adeyemi Yemi

Last updated on October 17, 2019

It is no news that Nigerians woke up to a video on Tiwa Savage’s Instagram page on Thursday, October 10, 2019, where three ladies were seen talking about her.

In that video, the ladies were making derogatory statements towards Tiwa Savage. At some point, one of the unidentified ladies was heard saying ”She is a fool.”

Even though it is not clear who she was insulting, it won’t be wrong if everyone thinks these comments were made towards Tiwa Savage.

It would be interesting to note that the video on Tiwa Savage’s Instagram page wasn’t recorded recently but about a year ago. According to a source at City FM who spoke to us, that video was old.

Yooo look at the so called FEMALE gate keepers #OAP that are supposed to help fellow female artists and shout that female should support each other are seen here abusing female artists not knowing cameras were still rolling
And they wonder why I keep to myself ?
To the ladies in this video hope you keep the same energy when you see me in person #2Seconds

Our source also revealed that only one person in that video is a staff of CITY FM, insisting that the video was only meant to blackmail the OAP in question. Our source also wonders why this video is being released at this time because Tiwa Savage was at their studio last week and was a guest at the same OAP’s show.

Even though a lot of people think one of the ladies in the video insulted Tiwa Savage, our inside source thinks otherwise.

“We all have our opinion about other people. She be die-hard Tiwa fan. She did not abuse her, gun to my head,” our source said.

Since that video went viral, several people have contested the authenticity of it. For some, it was doctored before whoever decided to be a good Samaritan handed it over to Tiwa Savage.

Pulse Exclusive: The details behind the leaked video which shows City FM OAPs insulting Tiwa Savage

One thing that a lot of people will be thinking about is who recorded the video and what was the motive? We get it, the guys at City FM made a rookie move by not being conscious of their environment before making their ‘personal’ observations and comments.

From her post on Instagram, it is obvious that Tiwa Savage isn’t finding these comments funny and we don’t know what she is going to do to these ladies as she has threatened fire and brimstone.


  1. Muibat Agbeke Muibat Agbeke

    This picture is not Tiwa recent picture and to those Ladies call Tiwa a fool should be careful and mind their businesses. Tiwa is a super star and woman was born with gossip the day she was born .be careful and stop insulting my favorite artist

  2. Esther Olalekan Esther Olalekan

    Women and gossip, it’s no wonder we are tagged gossipers, whether it’s directed to Tiwa or not, it’s not acceptable

  3. Franca Emeruom Franca Emeruom

    Tiwa Savage you are a star and a public figure, you please some while some will still get offended by that same thing that please others. You don’t have to take it too personal, for every body in this world has enemy no matter how good you are.

  4. Ethel Clara Ethel Clara

    I am not surprised cos it is certain that jealousy could be easily found among women. But it can’t be taken to heart as it’s all part of journey of life, everyone will not treat you the way you want to be treated.

  5. Muyiwa Olalekan Muyiwa Olalekan

    Every month you must hear one news from our music celebrities this country. I can’t really say much in this until Tiwa herself comes out and speak the truth. Even if they call her fool, she makes money from her foolness

  6. Josephat Uchechukwu Josephat Uchechukwu

    If you are nobody, there will be none to talk about you. Critics, abuse, jealousy, bite biting, and more are expected. So Tiwa don’t mind them just keep doing what’s fetching you cash.

  7. Diepriye Daniel Diepriye Daniel

    This is really serious women they have problems too much, women and their wahala sef, they can’t see something of someone and over look

  8. Abdulazeez Oladimeji Abdulazeez Oladimeji

    That’s the nature of women, to gossip. Nobody can change that from them but we can actually says that with look of this the Lady may not actually refer the abuse to Tiwa. But the so called fake news writer can just make an advantage of the video clip.


    Women! They like talking talking some behind the person they were talking about,some before the person. They talked not knowing that the cameras is still on.


    We women like backbiting and slandering too much. How come to a lady like you,When are going to fight for ourselves in the presenand and absence of woman in question. Women let’s change.

  11. Muibat Agbeke Muibat Agbeke

    For those ladies insulting Tiwa I call it jealous .is use to happened among the ladies when the notice this one is making it or rocking it more than them

  12. Afolabi Sulton Afolabi Sulton

    Women and Jealousy Sha. Even if it’s an old video, it’s still wrong to gossip about Tiwa and moreover they’re on air again…I hope they learn from this sha

  13. May Jesukolade Jeremiah May Jesukolade Jeremiah

    The actress should try the best in her Power to always carry the masses along as she has got supporters


    This is one problem I have with ladies, gossip and backbiting, instead they should mind their business they would be interfering in successful people’s lives

  15. Jeremiah Ishaya Jeremiah Ishaya

    As long as you are human being on this planet people must say a word about you either good or bad, since they have no idea on who make those comment of insult she just take as nothing since she have a lot of fans on side no need to be disturpe by rumors after all gossip is always a ladies business

  16. Adesida Adeyemi Adesida Adeyemi

    People will sha just wake up one day and be putting their mouth in what does not concern them women get problem ooo instead of them to mind their business they will not

  17. Solomon Michael Solomon Michael

    Like i always say, woman are one of our major problem in Nigeria, because the way they do, the way they act.

  18. dauda jafar dauda jafar

    I just don’t know why people not only women like doing this type of act, cause it can not be jealous this one is more than jealous o,
    People change the way you put things and your act.

  19. Azeezat Nihinlola Azeezat Nihinlola

    Tiwa savage be correct person. Tiwa should not mind those ladies, its clear they are just jealous she is star and richer than them. Ma because of the gossip them they gossip ma why them still they where they are while she is going higher

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