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Class of 83 (2020) Movie

Last updated on September 26, 2020

Class of ’83, is a 2020 Indiana Thriller film directed by Atul Sabharwal, and written by Abhijeet Shirish Deshpande and Atul Sabharwal. This film features the following stars: Bobby Deol, Vishwajeet Pradhan, Anup Soni.

Class of 83 (2020) Movie

The story of an upright policeman-turned-trainer whose wards deal with various complexities.

A hero policeman shunted to a punishment posting as the Dean of the police academy decides to punish the corrupt bureaucracy and its criminal allies in return by training five lethal assassin policemen.

But, like all good plans, it only works for a while until the fire that he has ignited threatens to burn his own house down.

Class of 83 Movie Cast

  • Bobby Deol
  • Vishwajeet Pradhan
  • Anup Soni
  • Ahmareen Anjum
  • Monika Panwar
  • Geetika Tyagi
  • Joy Sengupta
  • Abhishek Bhalerao
  • Bhupendra Jadawat
  • Spruha Joshi
  • Akshay Tanksale
  • Sameer Paranjape
  • Ninad Mahajani
  • Prithvik Pratap
  • Ravi Singh

Class of 83 (2020) Movie Review

Nothing new, RGV underworld movies were far better than this. In 2020, they are providing 90s material. Red Chillies come with better projects. I heard a lot about this book but after watching movie didn’t get why it was so hyped.

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