1. The ranger lady is one of the best parts of the movie 😆 Especially the scene when she's fighting the bear before the ambulance shows up

  2. Movie had its moments but was boring for the most past. 5/10.

  3. The last clip with the bear flying at him was pure art 😂

  4. I went expecting B movie level antics. This is the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I walked out of the theater.

  5. I love the song they picked for the chase scene the very light and happy song while being chased by a high bear I was dying laughing what an amazing movie

  6. Ignore the script and storyline . The movie looks interesting to me .

  7. I want to see King Kong and Godzilla in Cocaine. Lets see how the world burn. Lmao

  8. Looking forward to seeing this. Margot Martindale is supposedly brilliant in it.

  9. great movie, much better than the AntMan 3!!! fun as hell!! the whole theater has constantly laughing

  10. I don't know why but every time I listen to that song " I just can't get enough" actually in my mind I sing: "My bum is on your lips" " My bum is on your lips" " My bum is on your lips" LOL

  11. "We have such good luck in nature". Ha ha.

  12. You know the bear didn't kill anyone in real life. right??
    It just died from a massive overdose.
    Loosely based on real events just means 99.999999.000% the bear died from massive heart attack and 0.000000000- negative plus 2 means we made up the rest

  13. Here I was wondering why nobody just shoots it. Turns out everyone went to the Stromtrooper Academy of Aiming.

  14. Joe Rogan on podcast talking about how would be to get killed by a bear high on cocaine.

  15. That sheriff had so much plot armor. And she died like that😭😭

  16. In my opinion they should have died in the house. Like they literally got away. They died for what

  17. That's the dude from those videos.

  18. I saw it last night. Very gross and very hilarious!

  19. Wow…….Elizabeth banks hits new low on this. Joining avatar….the essence of wet is the way of water 😂😱

  20. I watched this shit yesterday and it was a mix of funny and gore

  21. The fact that Rotten Tomatoes rate this movie better the Antman: Quantumania makes it even more funnier.

    AAA Marvel Movie? Nah.
    Bear on Crack? Hell Yeah brother.

  22. saw it on Friday my theater was full. it had hilarious moments the CGI is great. hopefully the production makes more horror movies from this universe. or more in the rout of evil rabid Wolfes or evil dogs. an evil killer turkey

  23. Sadly the truth it's based off of is kinda sad. The Bear ate a full duffle bag of coke and died within an hour of a massive heart attack.

  24. This movie funny af Ima watch it

  25. Best scene honestly lol and the cabin scene prior to this

  26. “This was simultaneously the most epic movie I’ve ever seen in my life, and BAD!”

    — Schaffrillas Productions, 9-11-22

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