Comcast’s StreamSaver bundle will put Netflix, Apple TV Plus and Peacock all under the same roof – and for a ‘vastly reduced price’

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Is cable TV making a comeback? Well, no, not really as of yet, but streaming services are starting to bundle – and Comcast wants in on the action.   

Five days ago, Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery announced that Disney Plus, Hulu, and Max were coming together under the same roof with varying-priced bundles, depending on if you can sit through advertisements. 

However, Comcast isn’t sitting idly by and letting Disney or Warner Bros. win this round. The media giant’s StreamSaver will combine Peacock, Apple TV Plus, and Netflix at a “vastly reduced price,” according to Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, who spoke at Moffett Nathanson’s 2024 Media, Internet, and Communications conference, as reported by Variety. 

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Exactly how much cheaper, included features, and a launch date were not specified. Roberts promises it will be “a pretty compelling package” that lets viewers get more for spending less – in that it’s one subscription for Peacock, Netflix, and Apple TV Plus, three of the best streaming services. 

There is one major caveat, though: It will only be available to Comcast broadband, TV, and mobile customers. Meaning it’s not open to everyone like the Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery bundle, and it resembles a cable TV package even more as it is tied back to service.

It is poised to group a whole host of content under the same plan, from reality TV on Bravo to Dreamwork flicks, The Office, Netflix originals and specials, and all of Apple TV Plus’ movies and shows. Some synergy exists between Ted Lasso and Premier League matches streaming live on Peacock, after all. 

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Currently, Peacock starts at $5.99 for Premium with advertisements and $11.99 for Premium Plus with no advertisements; Netflix is either $6.99 for Standard with advertisements, $15.49 for Standard without ads, and $22.9 for Premium; and AppleTV+ is $9.99 a month. So potentially, if you’re paying for the entry-level plans for each, you’re currently at $22.97, so theoretically, the StreamSaver would come in under that.

However, it’s likely dependent on whether it offers access to the services with or without advertisements and other limitations around stream quality and the number of concurrent viewers allowed.

Comcast could strike a chord with folks who are currently paying for Peacock. For only a few dollars more a month, you can get two other services, and it could theoretically save you money … if the price is right. Not to mention, this bundle will give you access to Netflix’s behemoth library of TV shows, movies, original specials, and even documentaries.

There is no hiding that these streaming service bundles are starting to resemble cable packages of earlier years. Still, it’s rather muddy until we get specific details on whether someone can truly save with these. A single login for three services could make getting into each one a bit less of a hassle, though.

We’ve reached out to Peacock to ask for more information on the price and specifics of which version of the streaming services StreamSaver will offer, and we’ll report back if and when TechRadar hears more.

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