Conjoined twins, Abby Hensel married in a private ceremony

One-half of the conjoined twins who became well-known on TLC’s “Abby & Brittany,” Abby Hensel, gets married to fiance, Josh Bowling.

According to reports, the father of one who had served in the US Army and his fiancee, Abby got married in a private ceremony.

The 34-year-old, dicephalic (conjoined at the torso and sharing some organs) Hensel twins work as fifth-grade teachers in their native Minnesota.

Because of the high-risk nature of the surgery, their parents, Patty, and Mike Hensel, had decided against separating them from birth.

Conjoined twin, Abby Hensel married in a private ceremonyConjoined twin, Abby Hensel married in a private ceremony
Conjoined twins married privately

The wedding ceremony’s specifics are yet unknown, but a picture that has been making the rounds on social media features Josh standing next to Brittany and Abby in a suit and both wearing bridal gowns.

Additionally, a video of Abby Hensel dancing as a couple went viral online.

Despite not being recent, many fans are surprised by this news because the twins have generally avoided the spotlight in recent years.

Their calm existence appears to be a reflection of the principles their parents taught them, which include the need to preserve their privacy while pursuing one’s goals.