Conquerors Partner Health Tech Coy To Provide Support For Women Battling PCOS

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PCOS Conquerors, a trusted social support platform for individuals diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), has joined collaborative forces with Pharmarun, a health technology company dedicated to increasing access to quality health and medication.

PCOS Conquerors and Pharmarun are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of women diagnosed with PCOS, empowering them to take control of their health and well-being.

PCOS Conquerors is a beacon of support for women battling PCOS for the past five years, offering comprehensive resources, education, and a safe space for over 700 members to connect, share experiences, and empower each other on their journey to better health.

The impact of PCOS Conquerors has been profound, inspiring women to take charge of their health, find a sense of belonging, and break the stigma surrounding this reproductive health disorder.

Through this partnership, PCOS Conquerors and Pharmarun aimed to enhance the support and resources available to women battling PCOS while delivering its mission to make quality medication accessible to all by providing Nigerians with seamless access to authentic medication.

The partners highlighted some of the benefits of the partnership, which include; Joint Webinars – PCOS Conquerors and Pharmarun will host joint webinars on topics related to PCOS management, medication, and overall well-being.

On Discounted Medications; members of the PCOS Conquerors community will have access to discounted medication through Pharmarun, making it more affordable to manage their condition.

In addition, women recently diagnosed with PCOS will receive a special PCOS starter pack, curated by PCOS Conquerors and Pharmarun, to help them navigate their diagnosis and start their journey to better health.

Speaking on the partnership, founder of PCOS Conquerors, Seyi Amao, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Pharmarun to provide enhanced support and resources for our community members.

“This partnership will not only increase access to quality medication but also provide valuable tools and education to empower women battling PCOS.”

Also speaking, chief product officer/co-founder of Phamarun, Lola Aderemi, said: “we are really excited to partner with PCOS Conquerors. Many people in Nigeria struggle with PCOS, and as a health tech company, we aim to simplify access to medication. Our goal is to make life easier for women with PCOS in Nigeria.”

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