How To Create A Courier Website With Tracking Number 2019

Courier Website

Courier Website

If you have a logistics company, or you are a serious working boy, then you will need an online courier website. It enables you to create a parcel for your customers and give them the parcel tracking number. to track their goods/products from your own courier website.

It is good to give your customer their own personalize tracking number. That alone makes them feel they are dealing with a legit logistics company.

And with the tracking number then can visit your website and trace their goods to know the shipment.

So any logistics company can use the online courier website. Working boys can also use the website for their clients. So after reading this post today, you will no longer be searching for the following;

  • how to build a courier website
  • free courier tracking script PHP
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Yes, and that is because we will talk about them today here on

How To Create A Courier Website With Tracking Number

Follow the procedure below to create an online courier website for logistics companies/working boys.

  1. First thing is to think of a name to use. eg gig logistics
  2. Then search for a reliable host to use. I recommend Namecheap hosting
  3. Now get the free courier tracking script PHP. (I will show you how to get it)
  4. Upload the PHP script to your public_HTML folder inside your Namecheap hosting cpanel
  5. Assign the database name and the MySQL information.
  6. Now visit the website admin dashboard. Configure the design and other important things
  7. That is it.

tracking website

Now your online courier website is ready. You can create a parcel and give the parcel tracking number to your customer/clients.

They’ll visit your tracking website, enter their tracking number to trace their shipment.

What Admin Can Do?

As an admin of the website, you can log in anytime and day to create a parcel. You can update the status of their shipment and assign a note to it.

With the note, you can display the reason for the update. e.g. Awaiting custom clearance or awaiting payment.

As an admin of the online courier website, you can email update to the customer. You can do everything through the website admin back-end. And only you can access it. And only you can access it.

They are more things you can do from the website back-end. You can WhatsApp chat me for more information. My WhatsApp number is +2347066669835.

I can create such a website for you within 4 working days. I have created many for logistics companies and for working boys. Contact me now to get yours up and running.

Any Sample?

Yes. I have created so many online courier website, so I can show you the sample. I will also show you how to create a parcel and show you every other important thing you should know.

So what are you waiting for? Chat me up on WhatsApp now to get yours. 07066669835



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