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How To Create A Website Like Nairaland With WordPress 2020

Are you wondering about how to create a website like Nairaland with WordPress?

If that is your case, then let me welcome you to my blog (melody.com.ng – A Researchers blog).

I am welcoming you here because I know you will find my article useful and helpful.

So today I will show you how to design a website that will look exactly like Nairaland. We are not using the Nairaland PHP script, we’ll be using WordPress to create it.

With WordPress, we can design almost any type of website you want. So many website designers have been searching for how to create a website like Nairaland. Stop the search today with this helpful article.

Examples of the site you can create with WordPress:

  • Blog
  • Company website
  • Church website
  • Tracking website
  • Affiliate website
  • News Income Program website (NNU, NewsPay, Wakanda, etc)
  • Membership website or forum website
  • E-commerce website (Jumia/Konga type)
  • Etc

I cannot mention all because it is uncountable.

So now that you want to create a website like Nairaland with WordPress in 2019. I will teach you how to.

Note: Nairaland itself wasn’t created with WordPress. The developer created it with pure PHP Script. But we can edit WordPress and get the exact Nairaland design.

A WordPress theme is already modified to have the NL design.

How To Create A Website Like Nairaland With WordPress

  1. You will buy a domain name
  2. Then buy a host from any web hosting company (I recommend Namecheap)
  3. Now login to your hosting cpanel
  4. Click on ‘Softaculous’ Select ‘WordPress’ and click install
  5. Now login to your created WordPress admin dashboard
  6. After login, click ‘Settings’ and click ‘Permalinks’
  7. Select ‘Post Name’ link and save
  8. Now click ‘Plugin’, ‘Add New’ and install, then activate any plugin you want. E.g. RankMath SEO Plugin
  9. Finally, click ‘Appearance’, ‘Themes’, ‘Add New’, ‘Upload’ and upload the Nairaland WordPress Theme.
  10. After upload, activate it.

Now visit your website homepage, and you will see it will display exactly as Nairaland.

Create A Website Like Nairaland With WordPress

You can edit the menu and other things from the WordPress admin dashboard. It’s that simple and straightforward.

Where To Download Nairaland WordPress Theme?

You can search on google and download it. And some webmasters have it for sale, you can buy from them.

I have the Nairaland WordPress Theme, you can get it from me. Contact me on WhatsApp +2349157211773.

If you buy from me, I will help you in customizing/editing the themes menu and ads link. Yes, I will help you with any difficulties you face, only if you buy from me.


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So that is how to create a website like Nairaland with WordPress. Do you have any questions/suggestions?