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How To Create Website Like IBT Forum 2021

Today I will teach you “how to create a website like IBT Forum.com. You can make money online in Nigeria by reading news on IBTForum.com website.

Nigeria news income website or Nigeria comment to earn website can earn you the bulk of the money from members registration/advertisement.

So, today I will tell you the things needed to create a Nigeria read news and get paid website.

Members of the website make money by reading news, viewing posts, and commenting on a post.

And each activity performed on the IBT forum income program website earns members’ money.

News income websites like nnuforum.com, newspayforum, and Giftalworld. Each activity performed on those websites earns you some point.

Which the website admin converts to real money and pays to your bank account at the end of the week or month.

NNUforum pays its members end of the month. Website like Allowii pays its members at the end of each week.

UPDATE: Those of you that already have a WordPress website, We can help you convert it to IBTForum type.

Create Website Like IBT Forum

How to Create a Website Like IBT Forum

Things needed to create a news income website like IBT Forum are:

  1. Domain
  2. Host
  3. Custom Email ID
  4. Script
  5. Themes
  6. Activity script
  7. Payment Gateway

Now let me explain each of them to you one after the other.

Domain: Identification string that defines a realm of administrative authority within the Internet. This is very important, and it’s the first resource needed to start an income website.

Host: Like a warehouse. This is important as it is the space where all the website content is accessed.

Custom Email ID: This will be a unique email id used by the website owner/support team. You can as well make use of other email providers like Gmail.

But having your own custom email ID makes your website stand out. E.g. info@melody.com.ng or care@melody.com.ng.

CMS (Content Management System): This is the body/function of the website. It is website functionality. An example of CMS is Drupal.

Script: This is the look/design of the website. There are thousands of scripts online. But we are going to make use of the news income script.

Activity Script: Take this as a monitoring spirit. It monitors/record every activity performed by your website members.

When a member of your website comments on a post. It is the job of the ‘AS’ to record the comment and give the appropriate point to the member.

So at the end of each week/month, the website admin calculates points earned by a member and makes payment to that member. So it is the job of the “AS” to record all member’s activities.

Payment Gateway: To accept payment for registration. Transferring money to your bank account to register on the website might not be that easy.

But with payment gateway integration, the website registration fee goes automatically. And payment goes straight to your bank account. An example of a payment gateway is paystack.

How does Paystack Work?

You will register on their website with your valid bank account details. When members register and pay, the money goes into your paystack account. And paystack will transfer the money into your local bank account the next day.

Now that you know all it takes to create a website like IBT Forum.com. What are you waiting for? Create one now or contact us to create one for you.

We are available 2/4/7 and ready to work for you. We don’t create a hand it over to you, we create and teach you how to manage the website. And our website is online on 2/4/7 to answer your questions.

It takes 4-7 days for us to create a website like IBT Forum and deliver such a website. Contact Us now to get yours. You can WhatsApp +2349157211773.

Sample Of The Website?

You already know IBT Forum, so that alone is a sample. We will create your website to look like that and work like that. We can as well create yours with a different design.

Remember we design other types of websites, for personal/company use.

Interesting right? WhatsApp us now to get your own website up and running +2349157211773.

NOTE: We can deliver any design type you want. Tell us the design you want, or send the link of any comment to earn the website you want.