CSO Passes Vote Of Confidence On NUPRC Boss

CSO Passes Vote Of Confidence On NUPRC Boss

A Coalition of Civil Society Organisations for Good Governance has passed a vote of confidence in the chairman of the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC), Engr Gbenga Komolafe.

The CSO appealed to the public to disregard the calumny campaign by some faceless people to discredit the NUPRC chairman.

Addressing the press at the International Press Centre (IPC), Ogba, Ikeja, the coalition spokesperson, Comrade Shina Loremikan, flanked by other human rights activists Declan Ihekaire, Gbenga Soloki, and Femi Lawson, among others, urged those sponsoring negative information against the NUPRC boss to approach the court if the allegations they have against him are genuine rather than sponsoring falsehoods against him.

The CSO noted that those engaged in the campaign of calumny are not happy about the progress made by the NUPRC boss by giving specific and dedicated recognition and due attention to host community rights and entitlements.

According to the CSO, “It is important to highlight that for the first time in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry history, the law has given specific and dedicated recognition and due attention to host Community rights and entitlements.


“This landmark development is a testament to the ongoing reforms within the NUPRC under the able leadership of Engineer Gbenga Komolafe.”


The human rights groups added,’’ We have observed with dismay the emergence of baseless and malicious campaigns of calumny against the NUPRC   and its leadership. These campaigns of calumny are propagated by faceless individuals who falsely claim to represent civil  society .’’

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