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How To Easily Edit Carrington Mobile Theme 2021

Last updated on January 12, 2021

How to customize and edit Carrington Mobile Theme for WordPress blog is one of the most asked questions by bloggers.

After googling Carrington mobile theme, I found out that most Nigerians bloggers are hungrily in need of the customization tutorial.

So today we are going to look into how to edit and customize WordPress Carrington Mobile Themes.

I believe you have successfully downloaded the Themes, Or let say you already have other WordPress Carrington themes you’d like to customize.

Steps To Easily Edit Carrington Mobile Themes

Customizing the themes is easy and can be done through the WordPress admin dashboard.

  1. Login to your WP Dashboard
  2. Goto “Appearance” > Themes > Editor
  3. Under “select theme to edit”, Choose Carrington and click Select.
  4. Click “Header’ > header-default.php

Then begin to edit anything you want to edit.

Header Folder: here you can customize the blog logo, top menu, categories and social media links.

Footer Folder: you can customize things like about us page, contact us, content remover, terms of use, blog copyright ©, social media links and footer menus.

How To Add Featured Image in Carrington Mobile

The Naijakit mobile themes I shared already have the featured image coded, therefore, if you are using any other themes, then read how to add featured image below;

  • Login to your WP Dashboard
  • Goto “Appearance” > Themes > Editor
  • Under “select theme to edit”, Choose Carrington and click Select.
  • Click “Theme Function” (function.php)
  • Copy below code and paste it there
  • function thumb() {
    global $post, $posts;
    $first_img = '';
    $output = preg_match_all ('/<img.*?src=\"((?!\").*?)\"/i', $post->post_content, $matches);
    $first_img = $matches[1][0];
    if(empty($first_img)){ //Defines a default image
    $first_img = "default image link";
    return $first_img;
  • Now click “excerpt” > excerpt-default.php
  • Copy below code and paste it there
  • <img src="<?php%20echo%20thumb(); ?>" alt="blablabla" />

Steps To Changing Carrington Theme Color

  1. Open the file “advanced.css” located inside the CSS folder.
  2. Look for this line “a {color:blue;}”
  3. Now change blue to green.

How To Add Site Logo and Menus

  • Login to your WP Dashboard
  • Goto “Appearance” > Themes > Editor
  • Under “select theme to edit”, Choose Carrington and click Select.
  • Click “Header” > header-default.php
  • Search for code that looks like the below code
  • <h1 id="site-name"><br /><center><a rel="home" href="/"><img src="" height="60" width="300"/></a></center></h1>
  • Now replace “” with your blog logo.
  • Click “Update File” to save

Take your time to learn how to customize and edit Carrington Mobile Theme for WordPress blogs.

If you have any questions regarding this, do let me know using the comments box below.

Update 13/05/2020

I no longer provide support for this post and anything relating to carrington. Thanks

This article () was originally written by Melody Blog, and posted in Mp4 Movies Download Category.


  1. mubila mubila

    how to add a featured image when one clicks on post

    • I included the tutorial. Check “How To Add Featured Image in Carrington Mobile” section

  2. mubila mubila

    how to add a featured image when one clicks on post

    • Post author

      I included the tutorial. Check “How To Add Featured Image in Carrington Mobile” section

  3. Dilfgem Dilfgem

    Hello, where can I locate the address tab colour which is green in naijakit theme I want to change it if possible I can remove the colour permanent

  4. Dilfgem Dilfgem

    Hello, where can I locate the address tab colour which is green in naijakit theme I want to change it if possible I can remove the colour permanent

  5. Neeks Neeks

    Awesome job….. Please can you give me your WhatsApp number or add me here 07062598383

    I can’t locate where to remove the message “Your email bla bla bla will not be shared with the public

    • Post author

      It’s in the comment folder section.. Make sure to install “Theme Editor Plugin” to make editing easier for you.

    • Dahklef Dahklef

      Please where can I find Sponsored music and video
      So as to edit dem to my own …
      And my features images are not showing, how can I make it show?

      • Post author

        Make sure you add image inside the post content. The carrington theme will automatically display the first image in the post content as the feature image.

    • Post author

      Goto the FORM folder > then > Comment.php, Look at line 74…. Then edit it as you want….. Anyways, i have removed it, so you can download the latest version.

  6. Smoove Smoove

    My trwndind posts not showing. How can I set a trending post

    • Post author

      Just make sure you’ve a category called “Trending”….. Them post under the category will display on the theme trending section.

  7. Smoove Smoove

    My trending post not showing how cab I set it

  8. David David

    Please how can I make the new post title bold and how can I add sidebar to the post

    • Post author

      You cannot add sidebar… If you want sidebar, then use a different theme for PC..

      That’s Carrington theme for Mobile, and use normal WordPress theme for PC version. Then you can add sidebar which will display on PC.

      • David David

        Please how can I use different theme pc

        • Post author

          Install normal themes from WP directory and activate it…. Then install the Carrington theme, but don’t activate it.

          Then goto “Plugin”, search and install “mobile theme switcher” and activate it.

          Then goto the mobile theme switcher option and select Carrington theme for all mobile views and save.

          With that, mobile users will see the website Carrington version, while PC users see the normal version.

        • Joseph Joseph

          MY question goes like this how can i create my menus and change the background color of my menus and also add menu icons to my menus and also if possible create a sub menu (categories)

          • Team Team Post author

            To edit the Carrington Mobile Themes Menu, background color and add icon to menus, you need to edit the header section.

            Login to your WordPress dashboard, Goto Appearance, Theme editor, then click on header.php.

            Look through the code carefully, you’ll find the background color code. Also look carefully you’ll see all current menus listed there.. Begin to edit them the way you want, then replace each menu icon link (#) with the current icon link you want it to display. Hope that helps. Cheers

  9. David David

    How can I increase the size of the feature image and the text to a little bigger size

    • Post author

      You can do that from the post data… Check the Post.php and also single.php. Thanks

  10. Austine Austine

    Hey guys I really commend you guys for the work done.
    But I noticed each time I post video it will not work, is Always Big. How do I adjust the size.

      • Austine Austine

        I added YouTube videos, I embedded but is not show on the post via Carrington but is showing on my desktop theme. What do I do

        • Post author

          I don’t have any issue with embedding YouTube on my end. Can i take a look at your website?

  11. David David

    Please melody I can upload file(picture or music) using add media..When I upload the file and click add to post it doesn’t add, unless I copy the image urlz and paste on image source

    • Post author

      Oh… That’s not a problem from the Carrington Theme.. Because myself I’m using it on my other blog. And people who have downloaded it didn’t complain… I’ll advise you to disable other plugins and try add the photo. If it works, then you should source for the plugin preventing the photo from adding to post.

      But i know too well that the problem is not from the Carrington Themes.

  12. Kayode Kayode

    Melody how can I remove hottest song showing on everything menu category

  13. Kayode Kayode

    Melody how can I remove the hottest song showing on every menu category

    • Post author

      Goto “Post Folder” Click to open, then click on “archive.php”. You will see the code on Line 40-57… So if you don’t want the ‘hottest songs’ showing, just remove the code. Thanks

  14. Shola Shola

    Please how can i add two categories to the trending post..So that the trending will be showing post from two category

    • Post author

      You don’t need to add two categories. Just create one category and name it “Trending”.

      When creating post, select the post default category and also select ‘trending’ as the second category.

      That’s to say, “the post will have two categories”

      For example:
      Title: How to edit Carrington theme
      Category: How to, Trending

      Can you see it has 2 categories? Now the post will appear on Trending Table.

      I hope you understand that?

  15. Ayo Ayo

    How can I make visitor to comment without login in to comment

  16. Austine Austine

    Hello bro , I noticed each time use the theme I can’t be able to login to my admin page. What’s the cause and what do I do?

    • Post author

      Probably there’s something you’re doing wrong. The Theme has nothing to do with your dashboard login..

      And if after installing and activating the theme, you cannot login, then just disable it from cpanel Theme folder… Maybe your host has issue with Carrington mobile theme, and that’s rare.

  17. Shola Shola

    How can I remove login to comment for visitors to comment without login

  18. Shola Shola

    How to remove login for visitors to comment without login…please melody I need help

    • Post author

      The Carrington theme I upload is free to comment system, no need to login to comment.

  19. Alex Alex

    Related posts is not showing, pls how can i add it

    • Post author

      Use normal related post by Jetpack or install Related post plugin from WordPress directory, it will work.

  20. Skypi Skypi

    Kudos for great job done so far sir!
    But I can’t find the line at advance.css folder to change color. Can u help me with ?
    Plus how can edit footer menu thanks!

    • Team Team Post author

      Goto Header.php to change the color, not advance.css….

      we have two (2) footer folder there. Check the first and second one, you’ll see what you want to edit there. Primarily check the second one.


    Thank you for this information and well-done for the update.God bless you more.

  22. omo omo

    pls how can i change my favicon icon to my logo

  23. OLA OLA

    thanks so much for this bro, but i have an ish with the Trending, Motd and votd, i already created category for them but its giving warning message that trending motd adb votd is qil have issues later in the updated version of PhP…..

  24. Oyewole Temitope Oyewole Temitope

    Nice theme, I once tried it out on Temmyweb

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