Davido surrenders daughter, Imade to ex-girlfriend, Sophia Momodu

Davido surrenders daughter, Imade to ex-girlfriend, Sophia Momodu

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Davido has expressed his willingness to grant custody of his daughter, Imade, to her mother, Sophia Momodu.

This development comes in response to Momodu’s recent counter-affidavit, which raises concerns about Davido’s ability to provide a safe environment for Imade.

Davido surrenders daughter, Imade to his ex-girlfriend, Sophia Momodu
Nigerian singer, Davido.

Sophia Momodu cites the tragic loss of Davido’s son, Ifeanyi, in 2022 as evidence of her claims, stating, “The fact that the applicant lost his son in his house in rather unfortunate and questionable circumstances shows that our daughter cannot be placed in the custody of the applicant.”

In her counter-affidavit, Momodu alleges that Davido’s lifestyle, including his frequent travels and exposure to negative media attention, would subject Imade to unnecessary trauma.

She also expresses concerns about the influence of unsavory individuals in Davido’s circle on the young girl, stating, “The applicant cannot take proper care of our daughter because he lives a controversial lifestyle (negative media attention) that will expose our daughter to more negative trauma at her tender age…The applicant in his role as an artiste always travels and allows many unsavoury male adults around him and his house, who will not be a good influence on an impressionable young female child, like our daughter.”

Davido responded to these allegations on social media, expressing his frustration and sadness.

He accuses Momodu of using the death of his son to manipulate the situation and gain custody of Imade, tweeting, “Your constantly bringing up the death of my child at any point u can to just remind us of this tragedy that haunts us everyday of our lives .. Imade will grow up to see I fought for her .. as for now u can have her .. P.S she won’t be a child forever .. enjoy ❤️ Imade Aurora Adeleke ! Your father loves you!” 

He also tweeted, “All I asked for was ‘joint custody’ but cus it’s davido yall wanna act like yall can’t read! SMH I’m off this … yall be blessed and I pray this never happens to you.” 

When a user, #kill4Lizz, commented, “Don’t use your deceased child to play victim! She raised a safety concern! Which is very very valid. She is fighting for her child!”

Davido responded, “Make she keep am.”