Learn How To Design Affiliate Website Like NNU

Ever wonder how to Create/Design Affiliate Website like that of NNU, NNUForum, Giftalworld, Candynews, and so on?

I’ll tell you to wonder no more, because soon you’ll be able to design such website and even own one for yourself. And begin to create for people that needs such website.

Hello, this is the CEO of Melody Blog. As you all know, i have design so many affiliate website for different people. And it’s time to show you how to design such website all by yourself.

Learn How to Design Affiliate Website Like NNU & Co

So i’m about to hold a class on WhatsApp to teach you how to create your own affiliate income website. And begin to design for client.

You will learn:

  • How to choose the very best web-hosting
  • The cheapest web-hosting you can use
  • How to buy web-hosting and domain name
  • How to merge the hosting and the domain name
  • How to setup custom email address, e.g info@melody.com.ng
  • How to install script through cPanel
  • How to design the website, login and users dashboard
  • How to configure the website to work the way you want it
  • How to configure the earnings activities/affiliate earnings
  • How to setup coupon code/get coupon code vendors
  • How to configure auto Open/Close of withdrawal Request
  • How to hide/show content for free/paid members
  • How to create Paystack and link it to your bank account/website
  • How to configure the website SEO to appear on google search
  • How to send push-notification to thousand of android users
  • Bonus: How to get people to register on the website
  • Bonus: You will get all the necessary PHP codes

Design Affiliate Website

Who needs this:

  • If you ever wanted to own an affiliate website like NNU and others, then you need this
  • If you wish to learn how to create/design affiliate income website, then you need this

After the lecture, you’ll be able to create an affiliate website for yourself. And also be able to create for people that needs such website.


  • All you need to take part in this lecture is just N50,000 naira (promo price). I’ll guide you till your website is up and running.

WhatsApp Link: