Details Of Buhari’s 2020 Budget Presentation To The National Assembly


President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday, presented the 2020 national budget estimates to a joint sitting of the National Assembly.

Naija News reports that the presentation started with a short welcome address from the Senate President, Ahmad Lawan who assured that committees of both chambers of the National Assembly will conclude work on the 2020 budget estimate before the end of October.

Lawan, therefore, directed all Ministers and Heads of MDAs to appear before National Assembly committees to defend their budget promptly before the end of the month.

Speaking on the budget estimates, President Muhammadu Buhari revealed that the nation’s Gross Domestic Product has grown from 1.93 percent in 2018 to 2.02 percent in the first half of 2019 and the external reserves rose from $23bn in October 2016 to $42bn in Sept 2019.

The president promised that his government will raise the threshold for VAT registration to N25m turnover per annum, to bring relief to small(est) businesses.

Other issues captured in the budget is the increment for the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) revenue from N1.5 billion to N2.5 billion.

N2.46 trillion is proposed for capital projects.

Below is some of the budget 2020 allocations for some MDAs as announced by President Buhari during his presentation.

  • Works & Housing – N262bn
  • Transportation – N123bn
  • UBEC – N112bn
  • Defence – N100bn
  • Agriculture – N83 bn
  • Water – N82bn
  • Niger Delta – N81bn
  • Education – N48bn
  • Health – N46bn
  • NEDC – N38bn
  • SIP – N30bn
  • FCT – N28bn


  1. May God make it good impact on the people of My advise to members of legislature to use their office judisiusly

  2. Well-done to Our Dear Mr.President of Federal Republic of Nigeria in person of !Muhammad Buhari you are really exhibits sgn of good leadership and man of integrity by presenting 2020 budget and appropriation bills earlier before Senates and Representatives. Kudos

  3. One thing is to present the national budget while it is another thing to act according to what has been budgeted not just showing us the budget and stop giving the masses false hope

  4. The previous budgets what impacts did it make on common citizens. I never knew we have this kind of money in this country. They presented the budget today after 5months when will it be deliberated before signing into law?

  5. What ever written on the budget be the favour of civilians .but Nigeria where are we going? Other Africa countries has developed with good social amenities and here we are .olrun fi aanu re gbawa in Nigeria

  6. My one and only president Muhammad buhari I can say you are great because it is only God we can use to clarify is great as for you , you are excellent keep it up and sure you will be able to plung the fruits you have planted.

  7. Very soon now they will be telling us the budget can not be found again let them not disturb us with their news and do whatsoever they want to do and we in turn see that yes truly they have our interest in mind

  8. The budget is not well arranged agriculture and health should carry the lion share of the budget but little amount is dedicated to it. That is not good it only implies that agriculture n health are not of importance.

  9. What a great and beautiful news but will that solve our problems
    Just take a look at the budget
    God will help us

  10. What a great and beautiful news but will that solve our problems
    Just take a look at the budget
    God will help us
    Economics reception

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