Divorce lawyer marries ex-husband, woman cries out

Divorce lawyer marries ex-husband, woman cries out

A woman has cried out as the female lawyer who handled her divorce case reportedly gets married to her ex-husband.

A report of the incident was made by a Facebook user known as Ojong Agbor, who revealed that the said woman hails from Calabar.


According to the report, the woman had allegedly gotten a divorce lawyer to facilitate her split from her ex-husband.

However, it came as a shock to her to discover that the very female lawyer who handled her divorce case got married to her now ex-husband.

“The lawyer who helped me handle my divorce case has married my ex-husband two weeks after the court process.”

@Emi_bibe said: “Give me the lawyers number, I need to tip her”

@Yusuf_kay_ said: “Well.. you got the divorce you wanted, she got the man she wanted… it’s a win win for you both”

@deslilym commented: “But you’re divorced, why still pained?”

@AgbakaEye wrote: “Nothing dey wrong here abeg.

She grab wetin you reject”

@Uzanethegoat stated: “lawyers go jonze you but no panic”

@MeetSunshineMay commented: “Why is she crying after getting a divorce? To be fair to her though, she is at liberty to interrogate lawyer for some explanations cos even the most unbothered people would be taken aback by such news, but making so much noise about it after the divorce seems weird”

@jeremiadetunji penned: “It’s shouldn’t matter to her now. After all, she’s gotten her desired divorce. They gave you meat, you complained it’s a bone. They asked you to throw it away, you say no, it has small meat. Stay one lane.”

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