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Drew Grant Bio: Inside the Life of Ari Melber’s Ex-wife

Drew Grant is a renowned American journalist, writer, and editor. She gained popularity in her career after many years of working with different magazines and news outlets, including popular ones like Forbes, The New York Times, The New York Post, etc. She equally gained popularity as the ex-wife of famous MSNBC host Ari Melber.

Drew Grant’s Profile Summary

  • Full name: Drew Grant
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 25th May 1972
  • Drew Grant’s Age: 49 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Drew Grant’s Ex-husband: Ari Melber
  • Boyfriend: Richard Alexander
  • Drew Grant’s s Parents: Steven  Grant (father), Lynn Grant (mother)
  • Siblings: Hannah Grant (sister)
  • Drew Grant’s Height in Inches: 67.717 inches
  • Drew Grant’s Height in Centimetres: 172 centimeters
  • Drew Grant’s Net worth: $500 thousand
  • Famous As: Writer, Journalist, Editor
  • Drew Grant’s Instagram: @videodrew
  • Twitter: @videodrew
  • Facebook: @Drew Grant

Drew Grant was Born in New York 49 Years Ago

Drew was born to Steven and Lynn Drew on 25th May 1972 in Park Slope, northwest Brooklyn, New York City.  While she was still young, her family relocated to Delaware, where she grew up and attended high school. She has a sister named Hannah, but not much is known about her early life.

After graduating high school, Drew went on to attend Oberlin College, where she graduated in 2006. Oberlin College is a private liberal art college and conservatory of music in Oberlin, Ohio. Drew graduated with a degree in Arts and a major in English and Literature. A study choice shows she already had early plans to become a journalist and writer.

She Gained Experience as a Writer and Journalist Working in Different Places 

Although she has had a failed marriage, the same cannot be said for her career. The American writer has worked hard enough and has attained great success in her career.  Since she started her career as a journalist, she has worked with several news outlets, websites, and magazines.

236.com: Grant’s first job after graduation was as a pop culture assistant editor at 236.com. She left the job before Huffington Post acquired the company in 2009.

Jossip Initiative/Nerve: After leaving 236.com, she became an editor at Jossip Initiative in August 2008, but she left in May 2009. She then went on to work with an American magazine that focuses on topics related to sex, relationship, and culture, Nerve.

Crushable: While writing for Nerve, Grant was also working for Crushable, an online news publisher. Crushable focused on culture but later changed its focus to women following its change of name from Crushable to Alloy. It was around the period she worked for Nerve that Grant started gaining popularity as an American writer and editor in the pop culture niche.

Salon Media Group: In February 2011, she started to work for an American politically liberal news and opinion website. She was with Salon Media Group for about 7 months before she gained employment at The New York Observer.

New York Observer: At The New York Observer, Grant moved from being a writer to becoming the editor for arts and entertainment. During this period, she worked with Elizabeth Spiers, who was the editor of The New York Observer at that time. Later she started a review blog for TV shows and series. It was called tvDownload, but by 2015, the blog was no more.

RealClear Media Group: Again, the writer left The New York Observer for RealClear Media Group in Los Angeles in 2017. RealClear Media Group is a subsidiary of RealClear Politics, a website for news aggregation and political commentary. She worked in the company as the Managing Editor for 6 months, after which she left and took a job with a ranking company.

Ranker/ Forbes: She worked for a while at Ranker, a fan-powered ranking site that ranks almost everything, before moving to Forbes Online, where she worked for about 6 months. Later in 2018, she was a senior editor at Collider, an entertainment website, and digital video production company.  She also left Collider after a few months.

Drew Grant has also Explored a few Opportunities Outside Journalism

Over the years, Drew Grant has managed to explore different opportunities in her niche, including being a freelance writer, editor, and critic for different fashion and entertainment news outlets. She has written for Forbes, Cosmopolitan, AV Club, The Toast, Maxim, Jezebel, and Bunny Ears publications.

The journalist has also tried out fictional writing. She has done many satirical works about actors like Charlie Sheen, James Franco, Bret Easton (a novelist), and Alec Baldwin. Some of the works are; “Alec Baldwin Launches His Mayoral Campaign,” “A Day in the Life Of A Manic Pixie Dream Girl,” and a fanfiction series, “Baby-Sitters’ Club by Bret Easton Ellis.”

Grant also tried out acting when she featured in an episode of “Law and Order: Special Victim Units,” an American police procedural TV series that focuses on crimes of sexual nature. However, this is her only known attempt at acting.

Currently, Grant works at Rotten Tomatoes, a well-known film review aggregator website. She also works with the popular television network Peacock TV.

Summary of all the Places Where Drew Grant has Worked

  • 236.com
  • Jossip Initiative
  • Nerve
  • Crushable (Alloy)
  • Salon Media Group
  • New York Observer
  • RealClear Media Group
  • Ranker
  • Forbes
  • Collider
  • Rotten Tomatoes
  • Peacock TV

Drew Grant and Ari Melber’s Relationship Life

Drew Grant and Ari Melber
Drew Grant and Ari Melber

Drew started dating her ex-husband shortly after meeting in 2010 at a social event. Ari Melber is an award-winning journalist. He is best known as the chief legal correspondent of MSNBC. Melber also hosts a live interview program, “The Beat with Ari Melber.” The show, which started to air on 24th July 2017, was nominated for Emmy Awards in 2020 for Outstanding Live Interview. Before his second nomination, Melber had won an Emmy award for his courage in the supreme court.

The American attorney and journalist then proposed to her a few years later, and they got married in 2014. The marriage between both journalists didn’t last very long as they got divorced 3 years later, in 2017, for reasons they never disclosed. Within their 3 years of marriage, the couple never had any child.

She Dated Richard Alexander After Her Divorce

After separating from Melber in 2017, there were speculations that she started dating Richard Alexander, a supposed nature photographer. The said relationship lasted for 3 years.

However, her recent social media posts suggest that she is in a relationship with a man whose social media account name is @nerd_chronic. The man’s bio reveals that he works as a host with “Movie Trivia Schmoedown.” The man also posts pictures of her on his Instagram page.